Sting Agress to Show Up On WWE FastLane 2015 PPV

WWE Survivor Series 2014

During tonight’s RAW, Triple H talks about how WWE has been his life for 20 years while others have come and gone. He says all that was almost taken away because of one man – Sting. Triple H says he helped crush WCW and it took Sting 14 years to try and do something about it. Triple H says he’s calling Sting out for Fastlane, to meet him face to face in the ring. Triple H says he will look Sting dead in his eye and explain why he was right to stay away for 14 years. Triple H says if Sting agrees to never show his face again, he will let him leave Fastlane with his dignity in tact. Triple H says he’s patient but he’s called Sting out for two straight weeks with no answer. Triple H wants an answer and wants it right now.

The lights go out and we hear a crow. Triple H loosens his tie and looks around. We keep hearing the crow. A video plays and spells out Triple H’s name. Fans chant “we want Sting” as the crow sound plays again. A spotlight shines on Triple H. A man in a Sting mask comes from behind and Triple H falls down. The man is gone. “I Accept” flashes on the video and Triple H looking around.

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