Survivor Series

Survivor Series : The Rock, CM Punk, Sin Cara, Mark Henry & Divas Matches

– THERE were several major talking points emerging from Survivor Series. Lets break them down.

1. The Rock’s still got it!
It seems as though The Rock took a page from John Cena’s book, he seemed invincible at Survivor Series. The Rock looked in great shape and looked to show no signs of ring rust, but he stood on the apron for the majority of the match as was expected. The Rock did show that he still has a lot to offer between the ropes.

2. CM Punk makes the WWE Championship interesting again
CM Punk absolutely deserves to be WWE Champion once again. His recent hard work transferred into merchandise sales, which is evident at any WWE event with the number of CM Punk t-shirts on display. His promo work as of late has arguably been the best of his career and he has had a run of fantastic wrestling matches. Congratulations to CM Punk.

3. Sin Cara did one too many mistakes
Unfortunately for Sin Cara, he was a victim of his own botch at Survivor Series. Mistakes in the ring happen, but it seems all too often for Sin Cara. He ruptured his patella tendon which will see him shelved for 6-9 months. Is his WWE future now in jeopardy?

4. The end of Mark Henry’s title run?
After Big Show took out Mark Henry after their Survivor Series match, what does the future hold for Mark Henry’s title run? Mark Henry has been a worthy champion during his reign and the title has helped establish himself as a main event player. If the title is vacated, let’s hope the title doesn’t find its way back round the waist of Randy Orton. There’s plenty of other superstars waiting to emerge on SmackDown; Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Sheamus to name a few.

5. Divas matches can be fun to watch
It was such a relief to see a great match by Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. Over the past few months, the Divas segments have been much of the same. The same feuds, the same matches and the same promos – it was getting boring! Hopefully that huge Glam Slam from the top rope is a game-changer!

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