The Bellas Challenge The Kardashians To WWE Match (Video)

bella twins - nikki bella and brie bella cow girls

The Bella Twins just suggested a match that will certainly get a reaction from professional wrestling fans. Nikki and Brie walked the red carpet for the “People’s Choice Awards,” and did an interview with E!’s Giuliana Rancic. The twins were asked about several professional wrestling topics, including working WWE Evolution with Ronda Rousey, their next match, and more.

In regards to their next match, The Bella Twins were asked who they’d like to share the ring with. They offered a very interesting response. Nikki threw out the suggestion of facing mega-celebrity sisters, The Kardashians:

“I honestly think what would be really good is the Kardashians! Sisters versus sisters!” Nikki said.

Brie Bella followed up and agreed with her sister, saying “I think that would be a good match.” The Kardashians have several reality TV shows on E! Network and are arguably the most famous celebrities on the planet. The Bella Twins are featured on a few of E!’s reality shows as well. Those being “Total Divas” and “Total Bellas.”

There’s definitely a bit of a working relationship between the two sides should they want to open up discussions for something like a WWE match. It remains to be seen if anything becomes of The Bellas comments. Check out The Bellas’ interview with E!, in which they challenge The Kardashians to a match, below:

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