The Big Show On What Request He Had Made To Vince McMahon For Over A Decade

WWE Big Show

During an interview with Gamespot, The Big Show revealed that he had begged Vince McMahon to get him his own television show for over a decade prior to his current partnership with Netflix. Here’s what he had to say:

And I started driving Vince nuts back then about it. I wanted him to know that I could [be on a TV show]. This is something within my wheelhouse; this is in my gut. I can do this. And I think I drove him nuts for probably 14, 15 years. And when the partnership came up, Netflix had this idea of a retired WWE superstar, readjusting to being home all the time. And they wanted to do a comedy show. So when they partnered up with WWE, I had aggravated everybody so much, that I think WWE was just happy to give me this opportunity, to shut me up, I think.

You can read the interview HERE.

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