The Miz botched a Stalled Suplex On CM Punk At WWE Live Event

WWE Superstar CM Punk had an injury scare at Saturday night’s WWE RAW live event from Springfield, Missouri.

Punk wrestled in the tag match main event, teaming up with Antonio Cesaro against The Miz and Ryback. During the match, there was a spot where The Miz delivered a stalling suplex on Punk.  The Miz botched a stalled suplex and nearly dropped Punk directly on his head. The crowd instantly knew the move did not go as planned, as Punk rolled out of the ring. WWE officials ran over to Punk and checked him out for several minutes.

The match continued and Punk did return to action, but was visibly shaken up and was wrestling at a much slower pace than usual.

According to a live correspondent who was at Sunday night’s WWE RAW live event from Cape Girardeau,

CM Punk wrestled in the tag team main event, showed no signs of injury and even took hard bumps during the match. Thankfully, this looks like Saturday night’s incident was simply a close call for Punk and nothing more.

Here are pictures of The Miz botched a stalled suplex:

CM Punk - The Miz Botch
CM Punk – The Miz Botch
CM Punk - The Miz Botch
CM Punk – The Miz Botch


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