The Rock, John Laurinaitis & More Comment On Jericho’s Return

The Rock, Lance Storm, JBL and RAW interim General Manager John Laurinaitis are among the people  to tweet about Chris Jericho’s return last night.

The Rock tweeted:

“@IAmJericho Helluva kick ass return. Welcome back my friend. Look forward to having some fun w you.”

Jericho’s longtime friend Lance Storm says he helped train Jericho in recent weeks at his Storm Wrestling Academy in Canada to prepare for his return. Storm wrote:

“Since he’s back yes @IAmJericho did come back and train with me at SWA. We spent a couple days in the ring including a 17 min match #norust”

Former WWE Champion JBL wrote:

“The @Iamjericho return to WWE? Loved it. This is going to play out well over the next couple of months. The audacity of the return is gold!”

Interim RAW General Manager John Laurinaitis said:

“We are now stalking @IAmJericho to see what all that silence was about.”

My staff and I aren’t pleased, for those of you who follow this and want the real scoop. We hope to have answers from @IAmJericho soon.


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