The Rock Working For WrestleMania 31?, Says No To TMZ

– The Rock’s surprise appearance on RAW and confrontation with Rusev has again sparked rumors that he could be competing at WrestleMania 31 next year.

TMZ caught up with Johnson on Wednesday and was asked whether he’s coming back to wrestle at the event.

– It appears that there is a very good chance now of The Rock working with WWE for WrestleMania 31 but one of the main problems will be pressure from movie studios.

Rock suffered injuries in his first and second matches with John Cena, the second requiring surgery and holding up the filming of Hercules. We’ve seen The Rock pick up a number of new movies recently and studios that may want Rock for big projects in the spring or summer won’t be happy if he wrestles at WrestleMania 31 due to the risk of injury.

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