The Undertaker and Michelle McCool Respond to WWE Correcting McCool Snub

The Undertaker took to Twitter today to respond to WWE fixing a snub to his wife, Michelle McCool.

McCool reacted earlier this week after WWE left her off a website gallery of former women’s champions in the company, which includes names such as AJ Lee, RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, WWE Hall of Famer Chyna, Nikki Bella, and others.

She wrote, “For record….not a shot at ANY girl on this list! Respect to all….just felt the urge to speak up & remind all to ‘know your worth!’ Don’t let ANYONE tell you differently! Afterthought? Nobody? NOPE….you ARE WORTHY! #realtalk #stillundertakerswife [rofl emoji]”

McCool continued in another tweet, “Real talk-when you’ve put up w/ more in past than anyone would believe(simply b/c I’m the @undertaker wife)have rarely been mentioned for making ANY contribution to the ‘women’s revolution’-but WOW-not even top 45!#zerotalent #undertakerswife #laycoolwho #hadtospeak #stillblessed”

WWE made another tweet to announce that they had updated the list, adding McCool, Bull Nakano and others.

McCool responded to the update and wrote, “Wow! So honored! I speak truth…NEVER asked him for anything-worked my butt off! But this, definitely got this bc of who my husband is [rolling eyes emoji] #afterthought #undertakerswife #stillblessed”

She continued in another tweet tonight, “Real talk-I 100% believe THIS ‘cool’ update to the @wwe gallery was because of me speaking out with #undertakerswife hashtag (& whoever runs the acct doesn’t want to upset him)Who fricking knows? I also 100% laugh at this…y’all are a trip! #hecantype #weirdhuh #undertakerswife”

Taker also responded to the update to WWE’s list this evening.

He wrote, “Too little too late…unbelievable!!”

You can see the aforementioned tweets below, along with some of McCool’s other related comments:

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