All Elite Wrestling

The Wrestling World Mourns The Loss Of Brodie Lee (Luke Harper)

Following the tragic news of AEW superstar Jon Huber (Brodie Lee) passing away at the age of 41, a number of talents from all across the pro-wrestling globe have begun sharing their memories, condolences, and thoughts on Huber’s legacy, and are all in agreement of what a truly magnificent human being the man was.

Cody Rhodes, who wrestled Huber’s final pro-wrestling matchup, writes, “My heart is stricken by the loss of Brodie Lee. It was obvious he was an extremely gifted athlete and storyteller, and his gift beyond that was to challenge you and he set the bar very high.

Upon anybody’s first meeting with him…it was even more apparent he was a family man and a first class human being. I got to share his last number…I got to have his last match. That is an honor and a privilege and an experience so ferociously humbling. Thank you “Big Rig.” We will honor you and your family.”

WWE champion Drew McIntyre writes, “Our entire brotherhood and industry mourns tonight. In addition to his incredible passion and talent, Jon was above all else, a great man, who loved his family more than words can say. Please keep them in your thoughts. I’ll see you down the road, brother.”

WWE Chief Brand officer Stephanie McMahon writes, “I’m so deeply sorry for the loss of Jon Huber. We bonded over the love of our children. He was a true family man.”

See Rhodes, McIntyre, McMahon, and a number of other wrestlers kind words below.