Top WWE Superstar and Diva Turning Heel?

Sheamus noted on Twitter that he’s heading back to the United States this weekend. He’s been at home in Ireland for the holidays while recovering from surgery that he had towards the end of November.

There’s still no word yet on what kind of surgery Sheamus had but the storyline at the time was that he suffered “a left cervical neurapraxia (stinger in arm), bone spurring, narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis) and narrowing of the nerve canals (neuroforaminal) along with nerve compression in his neck.”

There’s been some speculation within WWE that Sheamus will be returning to work as a heel for the WrestleMania 31 season.

– For what it’s worth, WWE had plans for Naomi to eventually turn heel when they first began the current storyline with Naomi, Jimmy Uso and The Miz. No word yet if that is still the plan.

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