Triple H Bringing Hell In a Cell Structure to RAW Next Week

Triple H and Michael Cole

– Above is Triple H’s latest interview with Michael Cole. Below are highlights:

* He talks about John Cena vs. Randy Orton at Hell In a Cell. He says those two are so familiar with each other that it should make for a good match in the Cell.

* Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will make their Cell debuts. Triple H says the Cell changes you and it will be interesting to see what happens to Ambrose with that kind of pressure. Triple H wondered if Ambrose is crazy or if he wants people to think he’s crazy.

* Triple H said Rollins created and destroyed The Shield. Triple H was around The Shield a lot and said Rollins doesn’t crack. He’s not worried how Rollins will do inside the Cell. He says Rollins if the future of WWE and cinder blocks may have been just the beginning for Ambrose.

* Triple H is bringing the Hell In a Cell structure to Monday’s RAW and it will be hanging above the ring.

* Cole mentioned how Triple H and The Undertaker have been in the most Cell matches and how Triple H has the better winning percentage. Triple H said of course he does.

* Triple H is excited for Big Show vs. Rusev at Hell In a Cell. He says he felt sorry for Big Show when watching the match against Rusev on RAW. If we see the same Rusev at Hell In a Cell and Show doesn’t step up, Triple H says this will be an interesting feather in the cap of Russia.

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