Triple H Says He Hasn’t Spoken To CM Punk About An In-Ring Return: “Be Happy That He’s On WWE Backstage”

Following Takeover WarGames in Chicago, Triple H participated in a media call to debrief the show. One of the questions asked was whether or not he/WWE have reached out to CM Punk regarding an in-ring return. The Game says that they have not, nor is that a conversation that they plan on having anytime soon.

I have not spoken to him. To be honest, we have not had that conversation. I know he’s working for FOX and it’s a bit of an arm’s length from us. All of this stuff is baby steps, when people want something so bad, it’s like they’re saying, ‘So you’re saying there’s a chance.’ That’s the moment of time that we’re in.

Triple H would add on that fans should be happy that he’s on WWE Backstage, and once again apart of the pro-wrestling landscape.

Be happy that he’s on WWE Backstage and doing something with the business again. The rest of it, I’ve said it a million times, never say never. But that’s a long, long way. I know when you say that, people say, ‘they’re working us!’ Because there’s nothing that you can say that will make people think otherwise, it is what it is.

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