Triple H vs Sting Announced For WWE WrestleMania 31

Triple H vs Sting

– WWE announced on tonight’s Fastlane pay-per-view that Sting vs. Triple H will be happening at WrestleMania 31.

The announcement came after Sting and Triple H had an in-ring confrontation earlier. Sting ended up fighting off an attack from Triple H and pointing up at the WrestleMania 31 sign with his bat. Sting went to leave and blocked another sneak attack from The Game before leaving him lay with a Scorpion Death Drop.

Full News:

– Triple H makes his way out in street clothes. His hands are taped up and he looks ready to fight. He does the normal entrance with spitting water on the apron. Triple H says he regrets pushing Ric Flair on RAW. He apologizes to Ric but stands by what he said. Triple H says he stands here tonight not as the COO of WWE but as the heartbeat of WWE. He’s in a WWE ring, in a WWE arena as The Game, The King of Kings. He is waiting for Sting, he says. Fans start chanting for Sting.

Sting’s video starts up and out he comes to somewhat of a pop. Sting enters the ring as Triple H stares him down. Triple H assumes they’re past the point of pleasantries and is ready to get to it. He says he feels sorry for Sting for “backing the wrong horse” all those years ago. He says Sting was such a loyal soldier to WCW, hell Sting was WCW. Triple H admires Sting and respects him for going down with the ship with his head held high. Triple H says it was guys like him who helped that ship go down. He says his legacy is putting Sting’s out of business. Triple H understands that’s why Sting tried to put he and Stephanie McMahon out of WWE at Survivor Series. Triple H says Sting failed. He says at the end of the day, failure is what Sting does. Triple H says he can give Sting’s legacy back to him. All he has to do is hold his head high and walk away. Triple H says they can put this behind them and do business together because he always does what’s best for business. Triple H can assure Sting that if he walks away, his legacy will go on and live forever… through the WWE Network, DVD’s, merchandise, action figures, all of that. Triple H is talking over Sting’s shoulder like a salesman now. He says in 2015, Sting will be bigger than he’s ever been before. Triple H says he may even put Sting in the Hall of Fame down the line. Triple H asks if that sounds good to Sting. Some fans cheer. Triple H takes his jacket off and says or they can do it the other way. He says Sting can sit there with that look on his face and disrespect him. Triple H threatens to beat what’s left of Sting’s legacy out of him. He says when they carry Sting out of the ring, there will be no legacy… like he never even existed.

Triple H talks and tries for a cheap shot but Sting catches him. Sting unloads but Triple H decks him with the microphone. Triple H takes Sting down and unloads on him. Triple H yells that he gave Sting a chance. Triple H goes under the ring and grabs his sledgehammer as fans pop. He comes back in but Sting puts a bat to his throat. Sting backs Triple H into the corner with the bat and tells him to toss the sledgehammer out of the ring, which he does. Sting points up at the WrestleMania 31 sign with the bat and fans pop. A “yes!” chant breaks out. Triple H tries to move and Sting puts the bat back to his throat. He points back at the WrestleMania 31 sign. Triple H mouths that he’s going to kick Sting’s ass and points at the sign. Sting says he will see Triple H at WrestleMania and turns his back to leave. Triple H charges and Sting turns around with a bat shot. Sting lifts Triple H up and hits him with a Scorpion Death Drop. Sting points back at the WrestleMania sign with the bat. His music hits and he leaves with Triple H laid out.

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