Undertaker Wrestlemania 29 Status – Not Wrestling if Injury Is A Factor

The latest news backstage in WWE is that Undertaker Wrestlemania 29 Status is far from certain. The Undertaker hip injury is said to be the main factor that has cause concern that Undertaker might not wrestle at Wrestlemania 29.

Even if Undertaker does wrestle, it will be a less physical match with a strong worker to carry the match. The current status of Undertaker injury is that he is beat up enough that WWE have flown in doctors from New York to his home in Texas.

It is said that last year Hell In A Cell match aggravated Undertaker hip injury. The belief is that WWE us already planning Wrestlemania 29 without Undertaker wrestling on the card. The alternative plan is to have Undertaker Royal Rumble 2013 return for a cameo appearance.

The feeling is that Undertaker will make the final decision on whether he is healthy enough to work at the Wrestlemania 29 PPV and WWE will be happy to wait for his delayed decision. Usually plans for the Wrestlemania card are established by November.

The possible rematch of Brock lesnar vs Triple H Wrestlemania 29 match is said to be a back up plan for the uncertainty over Undertaker Wrestlemania 29 Status. The original plan all along was to have Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 29 match, but that scenario is now in doubt.

People within WWE also feel that the date of Undertaker retirement is near, with injuries taking longer to recover and a new family life away from the company. There has been a suggestion that Undertaker retires Wrestlemania 30 with a high profile farewell match, against John Cena or the Rock.

For the first time since 2000, Undertaker might not be appearing on a Wrestlemania PPV event. The WWE veteran has only miss a few Wrestlemania in his 22 year tenure with the company due to injuries and recovery.


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