Update On Jericho’s WWE Negotiations, Morrison’s Future

– It has been confirmed that Chris Jericho’s negotiations with WWE about a return have stalled out. Believe it or not – one of the big issues that turned Jericho off was the fact that he wasn’t included in the new WWE ’12 video game, which would have brought him royalties in the “five figure” range. While its understandable how Jericho would be upset by the snub (and the financial loss), others believe that Jericho would be foolish to skip out on a huge WrestleMania 28 payday as a result. There are said to be other factors keeping Jericho from returning at this time, but most believe he’ll be back in WWE again some time in 2012.


  • Chris Jericho Says He’ll Never Wrestle For WWE Again

As we reported yesterday, there are conflicting theories in WWE s to whether the cryptic “It Begins” promo videos are hyping the return of Chris Jericho or the Undertaker. One source stated that WWE created the promos with Chris Jericho in mind, but will use them to reintroduce The Undertaker in the event that Jericho doesn’t sign a new deal by the new year.


In related news, there is also some speculation that John Morrison will return to WWE next year at some point. Morrison will be taking time off from WWE to rehabilitate his various injuries and take a shot at acting

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