Video: Brock Lesnar calls out Seth Rollins

Heyman starts introducing himself but Lesnar takes the mic. Lesnar says he’s here to fight and tells Seth Rollins to get his ass out here. Lesnar says when he shows up, it’s business time baby. He says Rollins has about 10 seconds to get his “weasley” ass out here. Fans count down to 10 and Rollins doesn’t show. Lesnar says that’s what he thought. Triple H’s music hits and out he comes by himself. We get a look back at last week’s contract signing as they head to the ring.

Triple H understands the Curb Stop embarrassed Lesnar last week but said Lesnar would have done the same if he had the opportunity. He brings up Lesnar hitting the suplex first. Triple H suggests they all calm down, go backstage and get a big steak for Lesnar, then he and Heyman can discuss this like businessmen. Lesnar asks Triple H if he’s here to fix this or fight. The crowd pops and Heyman tries to talk Lesnar down, saying Triple H pays the bills. Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and out she comes with Kane and Big Show. Stephanie says cooler heads need to prevail. She says this isn’t what Brock wants to be doing, not right now. They enter the ring and face off with Lesnar and Heyman. Lesnar backs up against the ropes closest to the ramp. Stephanie says she’s not trying to make Brock defensive. Rollins appears on the big screen and fans boo.

Rollins says Lesnar is always two steps behind him. Rollins tells Lesnar to relax because he will get his shot, right before Rollins takes the title at the Royal Rumble. Heyman interrupts and says adults are talking. He tells The Authority to get their puppy on the leash before Lesnar fixes it on his own and leaves bodies laying around. Heyman has a spoiler for Sunday and it’s Lesnar still being the reigning and defending… John Cena’s music interrupts and out he comes to a big pop.

Cena talks from the ramp and says they’re all going to settle this on Sunday. He came out to talk to The Authority, he says. He brings up The Authority asking him to join a while back and then coming up with a plan to destroy him. Cena tells The Authority to keep it up because everything they say and do lights a fire under him like never before. Cena’s taking that fire to the Rumble to eliminate Rollins and Lesnar, then declare that the champ is here. He says he would do anything to get Erick Rowan, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler back. He says The Authority has no fire anymore, just ashes. Cena calls them the world’s biggest ash-holes and goes to walk off. Stephanie has his music cut and tells him to come back. Stephanie says this is the turning point in Cena’s career because he used to be the guy who always won but that’s not who he is today. She says John Cena is the man who lied to every fan by bringing The Authority back. Stephanie says Cena can make all the corny jokes he wants but they are here because of him. She says he’s responsible for the three Superstars getting fired and losing their livelihoods. Stephanie says nobody wants to cheer Cena or see him win at the Rumble because he’s not the man he used to be. Rollins calls Cena a loser from the big screen. Rollins rips on Cena some more and says Cena will fail again this Sunday. Rollins says everyone knows Cena is a failure except Cena. Rollins says if there’s one thing he and Lesnar can agree on, it’s the fact that Cena’s time is up. Rollins says Cena should take himself out of the match at the Rumble and walk away. Cena pokes fun at Rollins for stumbling over his words. Cena threatens to come to the back and beat Rollins up. Cena talks about respect and says when he beats Rollins and Lesnar on Sunday, people don’t have to like him but they damn sure will respect him. Cena proposes that if he wins at the Rumble, The Authority must give Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan their jobs back. Triple H says they gave Cena a chance to get their jobs back last week and he failed. Triple H says Cena needs to put something on the line in return. Triple H proposes that if Cena wins his match tonight, the Superstars get their jobs back. If Cena loses, he is out of the title match on Sunday. Cena doesn’t look so sure about that offer. Stephanie asks if he’s really willing to do anything or is he all talk. Cena goes to speak but Triple H cuts him off. He’s leaving the decision up to the fans on the WWE App. He says we’re going to find out what the WWE Universe truly thinks of Cena. Triple H’s music hits and we go to the announcers.

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