Video: RAW Quickly Ends Due to Timing Issue, WWE Posts Footage of the Finish

WWE Rey Mysterio

Tonight’s WWE RAW abruptly ended on the USA Network, apparently due to a timing issue.

The episode went off the air as soon as 11pm ET hit, as soon as Rey Mysterio pinned AJ Styles to retain the WWE United States Title. The show credits came up before the finish of the match and the announcers were still speaking when the show went off the air.

Unless there was some sort of accidental slip in the production truck, it looks like they may have went short on time when the Styles Clash was botched out of the corner. The timing issue could’ve been caused by the redo.

You can see a fan clip of the end of the show below, along with WWE’s video that shows Randy Orton backing up the ramp after his interference:
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