VIDEO – Undertaker Appeared With Shawn Micheals, HHH & Vince After Raw Went Off Air

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After RAW went off the air, two referees are helping John Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk. Cena got up first, to a mixed reaction. Cena takes a mic and says it hurt like a ton of bricks, but the last he heard he was in San Antonio and that we’re here to honor the man that put San Antonio on the map. Cena then introduced Shawn Michaels. A video was shown of Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, Cena, Punk, Edge, Ricky Steamboat, Kofi Kingston and Triple H talking about Michaels, which led to a career highlight package. Out comes Michaels, who was dubbed “Mr. Hall of Fame” by Cena.

Michaels took a mic, but before he could speak, he was interrupted by Triple H. CM Punk then gets up out of script from The Big Show‘s punch and interrupts. Punk says he’s sorry and he knows he’s going to get in trouble, but shares a story about when he got Michaels’ autograph when he was 15 and kept it in his wallet all the time. Punk then left.

They made a few jokes in the ring about how Triple H would crack jokes because he was not able to get emotional. Triple H then presents HBK with a plaque and tells Michaels that he loves him like a brother and appreciates him.

Out comes Vince McMahon power walking way more than usual. McMahon gets a mic and can’t hold his emotions. He said that he’s always felt like Michaels’ father and tells him that he loves him like a son with tears and his voice cracking. McMahon then tells him to “take off that stupid hat” to keep from crying. The entire roster came out on the ramp. Michaels takes the mic, but McMahon says to hold on and then… DONG!

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Out comes the Undertaker and the crowd goes crazy. ‘Taker grabs the mic and tries to stay in character, which he does for the most part. He said that Michaels is one of the few names that comes up when you think of the business. ‘Taker goes on to say that of his top 5 matches, he’s wrestled Shawn in 3 of them. He looks at Triple H and says he’s in the other 2. Undertaker then cracks a couple of jokes, and then stays in the ring with Vince, Triple H and Michaels.
Vince says there’s one more person that wants to come out. John Laurinaitis comes out and steps in the ring, only to be met by Sweet Chin Music. The crowd loves it. Referees help Laurinaitis up, and then Triple H holds him up for a second superkick.

Triple H finally takes the mic and says “thanks,” and that he loves and appreciates San Antonio, and “good night.” Vince then leaves the ring. Laurinaitis gets up to yet a third superkick. ‘Taker, Triple H and Michaels then pose for pictures.


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