Vince McMahon Furious Over Seth Rollins Addressing CM Punk Chants?

seth rollins turns heel

There are rumors that Vince McMahon was furious that Seth Rollins addressed the CM Punk chants by insinuating he could show up eventually. McMahon’s mentality is that you do not imply that someone could show up unless there are concrete plans for that person to show up. Meltzer added to the rumors this morning on his podcast, Wrestling Observer Radio, that there’s a slim chance that McMahon could be playing the boys backstage and that he’s not really upset, but that’s likely not the case.

It’s not uncommon for wrestlers to fire back at the chants to control the crowd, but usually they clarify that there’s no chance he’ll be showing up. CM Punk is not under WWE contract and McMahon doesn’t want anyone getting the impression that he is. Punk has consistently said that his contract is with Fox only and that he has no intentions of being a part of WWE any time soon. Triple H recently made the comment during a media call that they are still a long, long ways away from Punk being welcomed back but to never say never. Triple H will be on WWE Backstage tonight and it’s confirmed that CM Punk will not be.

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