Royal Rumble

WALTER on a Possible Royal Rumble 2020 Showdown with Brock Lesnar, Why He’s a Fan of Lesnar, More

WWE NXT UK Champion WALTER recently spoke with the UK Mirror and expressed interest in locking up with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar is entering Sunday’s 30-Man Royal Rumble Match at #1. WALTER, who will be in town for Saturday’s WWE Worlds Collide event, has not been announced for the men’s Rumble Match, but said he would be willing to go in at #2 just to fight The Beast.

“I will go in second, I don’t care,” WALTER said.

The leader of Imperium also talked about why he respects Lesnar.

“I respect the guy because I think Brock Lesnar is the smartest professional wrestler on the planet right now,” WALTER said. “The number one, work the least amount of time for everybody else, do your own thing… perfect. I like how everybody else hates him for that because they’re just jealous that they are not as smart as him, right? So yeah, of course. I would love to wrestle Brock Lesnar.”

WALTER praised Lesnar some more and said Lesnar is one of his favorite wrestlers.

“He is one of my favourite wrestlers too,” WALTER revealed. “I think he is very skilled, very athletic. And yeah, that’s a good mind for wrestling. And yeah, obviously, I focus on definitely him being one of the matches I really want to do.”

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