What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air: Vince, Triple H, Big Show & Zack Ryder Appear

After RAW went off the air, the Big Show came back out and entered the ring. John Cena nailed him with the AA, but never pinned him. Cena’s music hit.
Big Show then grabbed Laurinaitis and put his shirt over his head and slapped his chest a few times. Show got a mixed reaction when he did that.

Laurinaitis tried to leave to the back, but Cena said that this isn’t how we end the night. Zack Ryder comes out and drags Laurinaitis to the ring. Cena slaps “Big Johnny” in the stomach and Ryder hits him with a Broski boot.

Triple H comes out. As the crowd chants pedigree, HHH holds Johnny as Cena and Ryder slap Laurinaitis’ back. Triple H then hit Johnny with a pedigree, which was said to have been botched pretty bad by Laurinaitis. Triple H, Ryder and Cena then “woo woo woo.”

Justin Roberts takes the mic and says to the crowd, “let’s hear it one last time for John Laurinaitis.”

Laurinaitis’s music hits and the crowd chants “Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye.”

Vince McMahon‘s music then hit. Vince came out and kicked Laurinaitis in the cojones to a big pop to end the show.

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