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WWE’12 Brock Lesnar & More Names Revealed

In addition to UFC star Brock Lesnar’s name being announced for the upcoming “WWE ’12” video game, Arn Anderson, Demolition, Kevin Nash and Booker T have all been added as playable characters in the game.

Brock Lesnar has an overall rating of 93 in the new WWE 12 video game. The Undertaker has the highest rating with 97 following by The Rock with 96, John Cena with 96, Randy Orton with 95, Stone Cold Steve Austin with 95, CM Punk with 95, Edge with 94 and Triple H with 94.

THQ has confirmed that only the original Sin Cara will appear in the game. Sin Cara has also landed the WWE 12 cover when the game is released in Mexico.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”NfppdfdOo6k”]

THQ has revealed that Brock Lesnar will take the last spot on the WWE roster. Players will be able to unlock him after reaching a certain point in the new WWE Universe mode. He’s also rated a 93, which ranks him amongst some of the best wrestlers that appear in the game.

The former champion will also retain the move set he established in his WWE days, which means that the devastating F5 will be making its return along with Lesnar. We may never see Brock inside a WWE ring ever again, so anyone who have been following wrestling for the past decade should be quite content with the return of ‘The Next Big Thing’.

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