WWE ’13: Updated Roster Card, New Trailer & New Game Features Revealed

– THQ has updated the official roster for WWE ’13 video game. Here are the names announced so far.

CM Punk
John Cena
Mark Henry
Steve Austin
Mike Tyson
Chris Jericho
Big Show
Attitude era Mark Henry from the Nation of Domination

– WWE ’13 is available for pre-order on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii on Amazon.com. WWE ’13’s schedule release date is October 30, 2012. For more details and to pre-order click here.

– You can check out a new trailer for WWE ’13 below.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/uzWf6G6xgdU” disablekb=”1″ rel=”0″ showinfo=”0″ showsearch=”0″]


– In addition to the roster updates, THQ has announced some other game features.

* WWE Live will let players experience the atmosphere of a live WWE event, including authentic sound effects, crowd participation levels and compelling commentary, as well as attention-grabbing “Spectacular Moments” – impressive maneuvers like ring breaks and barricade crashes captured with multiple camera angles.

* Predator Technology 2.0 will provide a gameplay experience that’s smoother than ever, with hundreds of new animations.

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