WWE Legend Stone Cold Has “One More Match” and Wants CM Punk

– STONE Cold Steve Austin has once again made headlines for talking about wanting ‘one more match’. Austin was interviewed by TheScore.com and revealed that he wants to face CM Punk if the money is right.

He said: “If it was the right time, right place could I do it (have one more match). Yeah. I got alot of respect for the kid (CM Punk), love the promos he cuts, love his work in the ring. He’s a guy that paid his dues, worked his way to top guy status, and I wish him all the best in the world.”

Austin went on to say that if he did face CM Punk, he would rather face a heel CM Punk and thinks he turned face too soon.

Interestingly, Austin didn’t have that much to say about Brock Lesnar who has been slamming him in the press recently by saying that Austin was scared to face him. Austin said of Lesnar: “I would have loved to have worked with Brock too, had it been right.”

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