‘WWE Magazine’ Presents: The November Issue Preview

Out now! WWE Magazine’s November issue!

WWE’s new COO and man in charge, Triple H, reveals the costs of being the boss in this exclusive ‘WWE Magazine interview and no one is spared, especially CM Punk.

Superstars reveal their secret conspiracy theories! You’ll never guess who’s behind them all?

The World’s Strongest Man answers the WWE Universe’s best questions from Twitter!

Follow Alex Riley on a mission with Mattel as he shows how his very first WWE action figure is made.

Superstar debate! Who’s the biggest nerd on the WWE roster? Not Alberto Del Rio!

Plus Randy Orton and all your favorite Superstars in action!


Christian looks like a jerk!

Daniel Bryan hips us to his most important body part!

Kaitlyn helps us figure out if your significant other is a psycho!

And your complete guide to WWE’s greatest venue—Madison Square Garden!

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