WWE Main Event Results 11/21/12

A video hyped the Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler match…The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Michael Cole and JBL checked in on commentary at ringside. Miz was already in the ring and started to cut a promo, but Dolph Ziggler’s music hit and he came to the ring. He said he was Mr. Money in the Bank and the sole survivor at Survivor Series. He said he was too big to be backstage and talk to Matt Striker’s mustache.

Ziggler ran Miz down and said he was better than Miz. Miz started to run through his list of accomplishments, but Ziggler cut him off and said they had heard it all before. Miz said because it was true. He said when he won the Money in the Bank match, he cashed it in successfully, whereas Ziggler carried the briefcase around like it was a blanket. Miz said there was no question where he belonged in history. Ziggler said that was the point, Miz was history, he was the future.

They continued to go back and forth and Miz said Ziggler was scared because when he failed to cash in the briefcase successfully, all he would have is an old broad, a teal t-shirt, and bad hair dye. He said that was Ziggler;s legacy. Ziggler slapped Miz. Miz dropped his mic and Ziggler tossed the briefcase away. The ref got in the ring between them and Miz said, “Ring the bell,” to the ref…

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rang and Ziggler went after Miz. Miz ducked and knocked Ziggler from the ring…[C]

Back from commercial, Miz was still in control and hit Ziggler with a left hand for a near fall. Miz kicked Ziggler with the toe of his boot several times, but Ziggler caught the foot and slammed Miz to take control.

Miz reversed a whip and they did a nice ropes series before Miz caught a drop kick attempt and shot Ziggler into the corner. He rolled up for two in a really nice series of moves. Miz hit his backbreaker, but Ziggler shoved away on the neckbreaker and hit a drop kick for two. Ziggler locked in a rest hold. Miz pushed off on the ropes and tossed Ziggler over the top rope for both men to sell into the break…[C]

Back from commercial, Ziggler worked a body scissor on Miz. A cut in video showed Ziggler throwing Miz into the railings during the break. Miz rained punches on Ziggler to escape, but Ziggler hit a clothesline for a near fall. Ziggler landed his elbow series for another near fall. The live crowd is really into this match.

Ziggler loosened the top turnbuckle cover, but didn’t take it off because the ref caught him. Miz hooked a small package for two, but Ziggler dropped another elbow and hooked his headstand headlock. Miz fought out and both guys ran the ropes. They hit crossbodies on each other and both sold…[C]

Back from commercial, Ziggler hit the Fameassor for two and both guys sold exhaustion. Miz suddenly hulked up and hit his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for two that the live crowd popped big for. Miz charged at Ziggler in the corner. Dolph kicked him in the face and rolled him up with his feet on the ropes for leverage. The ref saw it and stopped the count. Ziggler argued, letting Miz hit a side effect for another near fall.

Ziggler came right back with a sleeper in the middle of the ring. Miz sold it for a moment, then stood and drove Ziggler back into the corner. Ziggler sat in the corner and Miz rained punches on him until the ref stopped him. He hit his clothesline in the corner and followed with a top rope chop. He went for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Ziggler blocked and they battled around. Miz scored a roll up for two, but Ziggler pooped up in the corner with the loose buckle cover and snatched it off. Miz ran in. Ziggler moved. Miz hit the exposed buckle, and Ziggler followed the Zig Zag for the win…

Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz at 25:34.

Post-match, Striker tried to interview Ziggler, but Ziggler took the mic and told him to beat it. Ziggler said he just proved he was better than anybody in the locker room, and he was just getting started. He said he wasn’t done with John Cena either. He said Miz wanted to talk about history, but anybody who messes with him is just that, history. He closed with, “Show…off,” and left the ring…Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel was hyped for next…[C]

Wade Barrett made his ring entrance. Justin Gabriel was already in the ring…

Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel
Barrett started fast and beat up Gabriel, but Gabriel came right back with a cross body for two. Gabriel missed a springboard moonsault, and Barrett followed with his spinning side slam for two. Gabriel came right back and hit the moonsault for two, but Barrett knocked him off the top rope and hit the Bull Hammer for the win…Post-match, Cole hyped John Cena being in the Main Event next week, and said they would announce the opponent next…[C]

A video hyped the Soup WWE special on E! tonight…A video recapped “The Kiss” and Ziggler’s attack from Raw, as well as the locker room bit later. Cena was hyped for Miz TV on Smackdown…Damien Sandow made his entrance to the stage and cut a promo, saying he would get to finally rid the WWE of its biggest delinquent, John Cena. He said Cena was a hypocrite and was a disease that must be purged from WWE by his hand. He said John Cena was WWE’s ultimate false idol. He closed with, “Your welcome,” and the announce team hyped the match for next week…

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