WWE nXt Results — June 13, 2018

wwe nxt results

Tag Team Match: War Raiders vs. Ricky Martinez and Justin Storm

Storm and Hanson begin the match. Hanson motions for Storm to come and get him, cartwheels out of the way and nails Storm with a clothesline. Into the WR corner, Rowe’s tagged in for a tandem whip and clothesline. Rowe drags Storm into his own corner for Martinez to tag in. Martinez is not so sure but he tries to lariat Rowe anyways. It does nothing to him. Martinez tries again and receives a headbutt, then a nasty right hand to the face.
Hanson’s tagged in. Clothesline into the corner, double knees by Rowe, followed by Rowe picking up Hanson to chuck into Martinez. “War” chant from the crowd. This one’s about over. Storm hits Hanson from behind and receives punishment…sidewinder slam. Storm rolls to the apron. Guillotine leg drop off by Hanson off the belly to back suplex by Rowe. Pin and win.

Winners: War Raiders via pinfall in 3 minutes

Post-match, Rowe and Hanson call out “The Mighty” and say they’ll show them who’s mighty. They hit Storm with another big power slam combo.

Outside the arena, the Undisputed Era are chatting while O’Reilly shadowboxes. Adam Cole notices the camera and gets in the viewfinder, saying no one films them unless he says so.

Fozzy’s “Painless” is one of the themes for Takeover: Chicago. Check it out.

A promo for the Chicago Street Fight between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa is shown, highlighting the events from the past few months, including the match at Takeover: New Orleans.

Singles Match: EC3 vs. Kassius Ohno

Ohno in black trunks, EC3 in yellow. Warring chants in the crowd to start this. The two men start on the outside. Ohno with chops before rolling EC3 back in. More chops. EC3 counters the whip but gets a forearm to the face for it. Ohno with the scoop slam. Senton splash! EC3 replies with a front leg sweep. He stomps down Ohno in the corner until the referee calls him off, twice.

Snapmare and a rolling neck snap on Ohno. EC3 puts some pressure on Ohno’s neck until Ohno gets back up to a vertical base. Knee to the face by Ohno. Strong forearms send EC3 to the mat. High kick and another senton splash…another and EC3 flops out of the ring to the floor below. ANOTHER SENTON!
Ohno rolls EC3 back into the ring but can’t convert. EC3 drops him into the rope and hits him with the One Percent. 1-2-3.

Winner: EC3 via pinfall in 5 minutes

Singles Match: Bianca Belair vs. Aliyah

This is Aliyah’s first appearance on nXt TV since March 21. Even Belair hasn’t wrestled for a few months.
Aliyah poses a bit and mocks Belair’s dancing, so she gets clocked off of her feet. Belair shows off her agility and strength with quick moves around the ring and having no problem with Aliyah’s bearhug, turning it into a quick suplex.

Standing frog splash. Kip up. Belair takes her sweet time before using Aliyah as a bar of weights, jerk and clean. She’s thrown into the turnbuckle for snake eyes. Torture rack into a facebuster. 1-2-3

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall in 3 minutes

A promo for nXt Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler mixes in-ring footage, interview clips and clips of her in the locker room, intimidating her peers. Near the end, it includes words from Nikki Cross, over images of their interactions, hyping up the Takeover: Chicago title defense.

Backstage, Dakota Kai is asked about what she would change about her title match with Shayna Baszler. Kai says she knows she was close and if she had another chance, maybe she’d become the new nXt Women’s Champion.
Bianca Belair enters the interview, takes over, introduces herself, and says she’s the strongest, toughest, roughest, quickest best on the roster. She mocks Kai and says she’ll do nothing but cry and fail. It’s Belair’s time to shine.
Kai says Belair talks a big game but she won’t be intimidated. Let’s see who will win next week.

UK Championship Match: Pete Dunne (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly (Undisputed Era)

This is the first time a Canadian wrestler will challenge for the UK Title, but fans are solidly behind the Bruiserweight, Mr. Pete Dunne tonight.

Big fight feel for this one. Didn’t get too much promotion but always a treat to see the UK Title defended.
O’Reilly tries to pin the shoulders of Dunne from the start. Dunne and O’Reilly counter one another’s submission holds before Dunne evades O’Reilly’s attack to begin his trademark finger manipulation.
Dunne sends O’Reilly off the ropes…duck, leapfrog, duck and Dunne hits O’Reilly with the lariat. O’Reilly tries to leave, going to the apron. Dunne hits him with an X-plex on the apron.

Dunne rolls O’Reilly back in and slowly applies a double stomp on O’Reilly’s calves. He leaps to the top turnbuckle but O’Reilly followed and kicked Dunne’s leg to knock him to the mat. More kicks from O’Reilly send Dunne to the mat, holding his injured left leg.
Armbreaker, followed by a side slam, and a knee bar to immobilize Dunne. Dunne snatches O’Reilly’s foot for an ankle lock and that breaks up the submissions.

Enziguri by Dunne and O’Reilly is searching for reasons to stand. He shakily gets to his feet, only to receive a flurry of punches from Dunne. Dunne flips out of a back suplex attempt. Sit-up powerbomb on O’Reilly! 1-2- O’Reilly kicks out and applies a triangle submission to Dunne. Dunne latches on to O’Reilly with a body scissors. O’Reilly breaks free and nails Dunne with a penalty kick. 1-2- kickout!
Brainbuster by O’Reilly for a near fall. Fans are cheering for Dunne to return to form. O’Reilly taunts Dunne with carless kicks. Dunne is not pleased with that. O’Reilly misses a leg sweep and Dunne seizes the advantage. He goes for the Bitter End. Reversed into a guillotine and body scissors by O’Reilly.
O’Reilly is nailed with an X-Plex but it has no lasting effect. O’Reilly grabs Dunne’s foot for an ankle lock. Impressive counter. He can’t keep it on him and Dunne headbutts him. Both men fall to the mat.
Flurry of punches from both men. Dunne receives a knee to the abdomen, misses an enziguri but hits the next one. O’Reilly with a jumping knee into the ropes.

The next exchange sees Dunne cap it off by nailing O’Reilly with an enziguri, and both men lie on the mat for a minute as the crowd chants, “NXT!”. O’Reilly and Dunne use one another to get back to their feet. O’Reilly removes Dunne’s gum shield. Dunne retorts with the Bitter End! 1-2-3!

Winner and still UK Champion: Pete Dunne via pinfall in 9 minutes 
Post-match, we get an expected attack from the Undisputed Era, Strong and Cole. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan run in to defend Dunne. Cole pulls Dunne to the outside and they fight their way up the ramp.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Burch and Lorcan effectively beat down O’Reilly, sending him flying over the top rope, into his partner, Roderick Strong. He and Strong sit on the ramp, clutching their tag titles as Burch and Lorcan look on from the ring.

Final Segment

“Uncomfortable” by Halestrom is the second nXt Takeover: Chicago theme

Aleister Black is live at FSU and he’s got a mic. He says Lars Sullivan will soon realize nothing Sullivan does is too powerful and he will fade to black.

This accusation prompts Lars Sullivan to the stage. Black takes off his vest and motions for Sullivan to enter. He does and delivers his offense on Black, ending with a Freak Accident slam on the champ.
After that, Sullivan gives Black another Freak Accident…and another. That’s 3 in a row, Ranallo exclaims. Sullivan drags Black by the arm to the apron and then carries him, over the shoulder, to the nXt Announce Table. Black is lain upon the table and Sullivan stands tall over him, holding the nXt Championship high, laughing and looking proud.

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