WWE Raw Chris Jericho Returns (It Begins)2012

we get the final. “She as spoken” it says. The camera comes back in the arena and everything is shaking. The lights go out after an explosion. The crowd starts chanting “Y2J.” Pyro goes off as Break The Walls Down hits and Chris Jericho appears to a massive pop.

Jericho is pumped as he makes his way down to the ring. Jericho hits the ring, plays up to the crowd and looks very excited to be here. Jericho climbs out of the ring before speaking to slap hands with the fans around the ring.

Jericho re-enters the ring as the crowd chants his name. They stop and he gets them to cheer some more. A “welcome back” chant starts up next. Jericho runs from corner to corner, getting the crowd to pop every time.

Jericho goes back to ringside with the fans and brings it back in the ring, still getting the fans to pop. It’s pretty obvious he’s dragging it out here. Jericho drops the mic, pauses, then goes back to cheering. There’s just a few boos mixed in with the “Y2J” chants now. Jericho goes back to ringside to slap hands with the fans and run around the ring. He’s definitely up to something here.

Jericho heads up the ramp, slapping hands with more fans. He walks from each end of the stage and gets the fans to cheer more. Now there’s a lot more boos coming from the crowd. Jericho walks to the back



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