WWE RAW Off Air Segment – October 20, 2014

Hulk Hogan Returns to WWE

– Hulk Hogan kicked off tonight’s WWE RAW Backstage Pass post-show with Renee Young in a pre-recorded interview that took place during RAW.

Hogan hyped Sunday’s WWE Hell In a Cell main events and said he’s glad he was never in the Cell because his career would have been a lot of shorter. Hogan said Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose is a toss up because one is crazy and one is dangerous.

He also talked about knowing Randy Orton’s family and said none of the Orton family could beat John Cena and stop him from getting back at Brock Lesnar. Hogan said in his book, Cena will always be the man and he’s looking to get his title back now. Hogan said Satan himself couldn’t even stop Cena from getting the title back.

Renee also asked Hogan about Rusev vs. Big Show. Hogan said there’s nobody more American than Big Show and the only way Show can lose is if he beats himself. Hogan also talked about how Show supports the troops.

They then showed Hogan going to the ring live, where Cena was waiting under the Cell. The regular RAW announcers were still on commentary. Hogan hit the ring to raise Cena’s arm. They also did the classic Hogan poses as fans cheered.

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