WWE Raw Results — November 12, 2018

WWE RAW Results

– Tonight’s WWE RAW begins with a video package for Veteran’s Day.

– The Survivor Series go-home edition of RAW opens live from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri as fans chant USA. Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Renee Young.

Tag Team Battle Royal

We go right to the ring and the RAW tag team division is already out for a Battle Royal. The winners will be the Team Captains for the Survivor Series match with tag teams on Sunday. The action immediately starts as the tag teams go at it. Lucha House Party has all three members in and they triple team Chad Gable. Dash Wilder goes at it with Kalisto. The action continues until the music of Braun Strowman interrupts and out he comes to a pop.

Konnor meets Strowman at ringside but gets dropped, as does Viktor. Strowman approaches the ring and takes out Lucha House Party as they fly at him. Bobby Roode is taken out next. Strowman enters the ring and continues to drop bodies. A bunch of Superstars gang up on him but he pushes them off. Strowman with corner splashes to Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Strowman stands tall and yells out for a big pop. Strowman takes out Gable, Curtis Axel and Dawson with big shoulders on the floor as he runs around the ring.

Strowman brings a steel chair into the ring. Heath Slater, Roode and Wilder all retreat. Strowman walks around the ring to another pop and demands a microphone. Strowman says RAW is brought to us by The Monster Among Men tonight. He takes a seat in the middle of the ring and says he’s done chasing Acting RAW General Manager Baron Corbin around. Strowman says he’s not leaving the ring until Corbin gets these hands. The music interrupts and out comes RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie understands Braun is upset over what Corbin did to him at WWE Crown Jewel and he has the right to be but he can’t hold RAW hostage. Fans boo Stephanie and a “yes he can” chant briefly starts up. Stephanie appreciates the rage and aggression but she needs him to channel it to something more important, Survivor Series. She says her brother disrespected all of RAW when he stole the World Cup tournament win. She asks if he’s going to let her brother disrespect him and the entire locker room. Braun says he doesn’t give a damn about Shane or fighting for Stephanie at Survivor Series. Stephanie bucks back at Braun in his face and says Braun better start giving a damn, everyone in the back better start giving a damn too. Braun says he knows how Stephanie and the other corporate look at him but he’s tired of talking, she needs to bring her lap dog Corbin out so they can get this over. Stephanie says she doesn’t underestimate Braun and she has a business opportunity for him. Stephanie says Braun can have anything he wants if RAW wins at Survivor Series. Her word is her bond. Fans boo that line.

Strowman only wants another WWE Universal Title shot against Brock Lesnar. Stephanie says it’s done. But before that, Strowman wants Corbin. Fans pop and Stephanie says it’s done. Strowman wants to pick the stipulations. Stephanie says done. Strowman tells Stephanie to make sure Corbin signs a waiver so he’s not responsible for the damages. Stephanie says that might take some more time as she needs to run it by lawyers but she thinks she can get it done but there’s one condition – Strowman doesn’t lay a finger on Corbin until after Survivor Series so he can prove he’s a team player. He can have whatever he wants after Survivor Series. Strowman says he will go to WWE HQ and destroy the whole building if he doesn’t get what he’s promised. Stephanie goes on about how she’s here to motivate the entire RAW roster but the music interrupts and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey.

Stephanie introduces Rousey but Rousey snatches the mic from her hand. Rousey says Stephanie can save the pep talk because nothing can motivate her more than she already is. She’s been waiting for a challenge like The Man, SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, and she’s tired of hearing about her arm getting snatched. Rousey can’t wait to show Becky how it’s done. Fans chant for Becky. Rousey says maybe she won’t have to wait. She drops the mic and turns her attention to Stephanie, staring her down. Stephanie looks terrified. The music interrupts and out comes Corbin. He agrees with Stephanie that they need to channel their energy to Survivor Series. Corbin is also here to help motivate the RAW roster. Corbin cautiously enters the ring as Strowman stares him down. Fans chant “get these hands” now. Corbin says RAW can’t afford to get embarrassed again as this is a must-win situation. Corbin places his hand on Rousey’s arm and tries to talk her down but Rousey immediately tosses him to the mat. Rousey marches up the ramp as Corbin watches. Corbin turns around to Strowman in his face. Stephanie gets in between them as they argue. Stephanie tells Corbin to shut up and reminds Strowman of their deal. Strowman tells Corbin to enjoy being Stephanie’s lap dog because he’s going to neuter him after Survivor Series. Corbin leaves the ring as Strowman looks on from the ring while his music hits. Stephanie backs Corbin up the ramp as fans pop for Strowman.

– Still to come, The Beast is here. Also, Graves interviews WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins.

– We see Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka backstage walking. They yell at some random people to move out of the way. Snuka vs. Ember Moon is next.

Ember Moon vs. Tamina Snuka

Back from the break and out comes Ember Moon as JoJo does the introductions. Tamina Snuka is out next with Nia Jax. We see replays from last week’s double team attack on Moon.

The bell rings and Snuka starts dominating. Moon counters and tries to mount offense but Snuka overpowers and shuts her down. Moon finally brings Snuka to one knee with an enziguri. She charges and drops Snuka with a strike for a 2 count.

Moon keeps control as Snuka gets sent out to the floor. Moon with a sliding kick from the apron. We see Team Captain Alexa Bliss backstage watching the match. Moon goes to the floor but Jax comes over and taunts her for the distraction. Moon turns around to Snuka running her over. We go to commercial with Moon gasping for air at ringside.

Back from the break and Snuka has Moon grounded in the middle of the ring. Snuka keeps control and shuts Moon down for another 2 count. Moon and Snuka trade shots out of the corner now. We see Bliss backstage watching again. Moon slides out of a move and dropkicks Snuka to bring her back down. Moon with more strikes and a kick that barely connects. Snuka drops Moon with a big right hand.

Moon ducks a clothesline and tries to nail a suicide dive on Jax but it does nothing to Jax. Moon kicks her way back into the ring and hits a crossbody on Snuka for a 2 count. Moon screams out and barely connects with a move in the corner. Moon goes to the top for The Eclipse but Jax provides the distraction, allowing Snuka to superkick her and drop her on the top. Snuka keeps control and goes up top for the big Snuka Splash to get the pin.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

– After the match, Jax and Snuka stand tall over Moon as the music plays. Jax decks Moon and runs the ropes for the big leg drop. Snuka and Jax raise their arms in the air as fans boo them. They leave as Jax’s music starts up.

– Still to come, Elias vs. Bobby Lashley for a Survivor Series team spot. Also, Bliss announces the women’s Team RAW and Graves talks to Rollins. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see players from the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs at ringside.

– The announcers lead us to a video package showing what happened with Dean Ambrose and WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins last week, including The Authors of Pain winning the RAW Tag Team Titles from Rollins in the Handicap Match. We go to the ring and Corey Graves has a mic. He brings out Rollins for an interview.

Graves brings up Sunday’s match with WWE United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Rollins hypes the match. Graves says if Rollins’ head isn’t in the game, Nakamura will take it off. Rollins says he will be laser focused and ready to perform at Survivor Series but that’s Sunday and this is tonight, and tonight in Kansas City he wants answers. Rollins wants to know why Ambrose did what he did to he and Roman Reigns. Graves says they’ve known Ambrose for a long time and he’s not good with words. Rollins says Ambrose isn’t stupid and knows exactly why he did what he did, he’s just not man enough to come out and tell him. Ambrose appears on the big screen and Graves points Rollins to him.

Ambrose is sitting outside of the arena on the hood of a red car. There is a fire barrel next to him. Ambrose says he’s man enough to come and beat Rollins up but he’s not going to do that because the people don’t deserve it. Ambrose doesn’t owe Rollins or the people an explanation, he doesn’t owe anything to anyone. Ambrose mocks Rollins and says The Architect doesn’t have all the answers this time. He wonders if Rollins was just too selfish and self-absorbed to see what was going on around him. Ambrose says maybe he regrets what he did, maybe he’s remorseful, maybe he hopes he can be back with his boys one day but no, that’s not it and not happening. Ambrose used to think The Shield was stronger together but he knows the truth is that The Shield made him weak, Rollins made him weak. Ambrose says he’s burning it down – he douses his Shield vest in gasoline and throws it in the barrel to burn as Rollins watches. Rollins gets upset and storms out of the ring.

– Renee and Cole hype Nakamura vs. Rollins.

– Still to come, a look at last week’s Drew McIntyre vs. Kurt Angle match.

– Back from the break and the announcers hype WrestleMania 35 tickets after a promo.

– The announcers lead us to a video package on Drew McIntyre’s win over WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle on last week’s RAW.

– We go to the ring and the music of Kurt Angle hits. Dolph Ziggler comes out instead as his music interrupts. Drew McIntyre is out next and they head to the ring together.

McIntyre says he told us he was taking over when he came back. Do we believe him now? Drew goes on about last week’s win over Angle and says Angle was just an embarrassment when he was done with him. Drew talks about how Angle started crying towards the end of the match. Drew says he has never been more disgusted in his entire life. He was more than happy to humiliate Angle and put him down with his own ankle lock. Drew has worked for 18 long years to earn this moment right now, going through the highest highs and lowest lows, sacrificing more than the average person. Drew tells us to look in his eyes. He declares that RAW is his show and belongs to him now. He will mold it in his image. There is no more room for weakness. Drew will not allow anymore nostalgia acts and… the music interrupts as Finn Balor makes his way out.

Drew says Balor has a lot of nerve coming out here after what he did to him. Balor says he couldn’t just sit there and listen to Drew talk that way about Angle, it was too much. Balor says Drew crossed a line last week, he could’ve just defeated Angle. Drew interrupts and says he could’ve done much worse to Angle but that’s not why Balor is out here. Balor thought Drew was coming to save him last week but he kicked his head off instead, that’s why Balor is out here. Drew goes on about how Balor and too many other new Superstars are worried about their feelings these days. Drew tells Balor to march up the ramp and go whine to his Balor Club… Balor interrupts and tells Drew to shuuuuuut up. He’s been dealing with people like Drew all his life. Balor challenges Drew to a fight and fans cheer for it. Drew doesn’t know what’s more fragile – Balor’s feelings or his body. Drew accepts the challenge but says it will be with Ziggler. Drew says maybe he will consider lowering himself to Balor’s level if he can get the win over Ziggler. They stare each other down and Drew drops Balor with a cheap shot. We go to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finn Balor

Back from the break and the bell rings as Dolph Ziggler rocks Finn Balor into the corner and unloads. Ziggler keeps Balor grounded in the middle of the ring now.

Ziggler drops a big elbow on Balor for a 2 count. Ziggler goes back to the mat and keeps Balor down as Drew looks on. Balor makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Ziggler nails a dropkick and drops Balor again with a right hand. Ziggler keeps Balor grounded with another submission in the middle of the ring. Balor fights up and tries to break free but Ziggler hits the knee.

Balor fights out of an opposite corner now but Ziggler rolls him up. Balor rolls through and hits the basement dropkick to the face. Balor misses in the corner and Ziggler rolls him up for 2. They trade a few more counters and pin attempts. Balor drops Ziggler with an enziguri. More back and forth between the two. We go to commercial after another close call as McIntyre looks on.

Back from the break and Ziggler talks trash. Ziggler with a neckbreaker. Balor tries to gain momentum but Ziggler kicks him again. Ziggler with an elbow as McIntyre yells at him that they can’t afford a loss. Ziggler with a back elbow but Balor connects with an overhead kick and they both go down.

Balor mounts offense now. Balor nails a stomp to the chest for a close 2 count as McIntyre looks worried at ringside. Balor waits for Ziggler and nails a Slingblade. Ziggler cuts off the offense and drops Balor for a close 2 count with a knee to the face and a big DDT. Ziggler connects with a knee and then the Fame-asser for another close 2 count. Drew looks to talk trash from ringside but Balor still blocks the Zig Zag and nails the corner dropkick to Ziggler.

Balor finally gets some momentum going. McIntyre tries to interfere again but it backfires. Balor sends Ziggler out next to Drew. Ballor runs the ropes and nails a big dive, taking them both out at ringside. Balor goes to the top for the Coup de Grace but he’s forced to land on his feet as Ziggler moves. Balor sells a leg injury but gets the pin after they trade roll-ups.

Winner: Finn Balor

– After the match, Balor celebrates and heads up the ramp as his music hits. Drew looks on from the ring and he’s not happy.

– Still to come, Alexa Bliss announces the women’s Team RAW. Also, the WWE Universal Champion is here. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Finn Balor is backstage when Baron Corbin and Stephanie McMahon approach. Stephanie congratulates Balor for standing up for what he believes. She gives him a spot on the men’s Team RAW at Survivor Series. Corbin says he wants to discuss this elsewhere with Stephanie. Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler walk up looking for a fight with Balor. Stephanie backs them off and says she heard Drew’s speech out there in the ring but RAW is her show. She goes on trying to get them on the same page for Sunday but says after Survivor Series they can feel free to tear each other apart.

– We get a look at last Tuesday’s promo from SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Charly Caruso is backstage with RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey for a response. Rousey once again knocks Becky for her pre-wrestling jobs and says she’s not just The Man, she’s The Millennial Man. Rousey goes on knocking Becky for her emotions and her talk. Ronda is confident about Sunday’s match and also knocks Becky for calling herself The Man when she’s one of the leaders of the evolution. Nia Jax appears on one side of Rousey and Tamina Snuka appears on the other. They just want to wish Rousey good luck for Survivor Series. They walk off.

Natalya vs. Ruby Riott

We go to the ring and out comes The Riott Squad – Ruby Riott with Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ruby has a mic in the ring. She wants to apologize for last week’s actions but first she shows us what happened with the breaking of the glasses once owned by Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Riott goes on about the backlash she’s received. She praises Neidhart and talks about what he was to the business. Riott is acting like she’s crying as the boos start up. Riott says she humiliated Natalya on worldwide TV and… she enjoyed every bit of it. Ruby changes her tune now and says she didn’t take it far enough last week. The Riott Squad has had to fight for everything they got in WWE and last week, she wanted Natalya to feel raw emotion. Riott goes on and says Anvil wore those glasses because he was ashamed to look at his own daughter. The music interrupts and out comes Natalya.

Riott waits for a fight but Natalya comes in the ring from behind and beats her down. Liv hits the ring but Natalya drops her. Logan comes in and the numbers game catches up as they triple team her. Logan lifts Natalya and holds her as Riott runs the ropes for the Hart Attack move made famous by Anvil and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. The Riott Squad stands tall over Natalya as the boos continue.

– The announcers hype the card for Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Tag Team Battle Royal

We go to the ring and out comes the team of Chad Gable and Bobby Roode. This is a redo of tonight’s opener that was wrecked by Braun Strowman. The winners will be the Team Captains for the 5-on-5 Traditional Elimination Match with tag teams at Survivor Series. Back to commercial.

We go to the ring and out comes the team of Chad Gable and Bobby Roode. This is a redo of tonight’s opener that was wrecked by Braun Strowman. The winners will be the Team Captains for the 5-on-5 Traditional Elimination Match with tag teams at Survivor Series. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and the other teams are going at it as we get the bell. Heath Slater works on Scott Dawson and kicks Dash Wilder away. Dawson eliminates Slater after Slater gets hung up on the top rope. The Lucha House Party goes at it with The Revival now. Viktor works on Roode and Konnor joins in. Lince Dorado almost dumps Dawson but he hangs on. The Revival is eliminated as Dawson gets sent to the floor. The Lucha House Party tosses Dash out next. They do their pose and taunt but The Ascension attacks them.

Konnor fights off all three members and eliminates Kalisto. The Lucha House Party has been eliminated. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are eliminated by The Ascension. Viktor and Chad Gable go at it. Roode joins in for the big double team. Konnor tries to eliminate Gable but Gable applies an armbar on the top rope. Roode comes from behind and eliminates Konnor for the win.

Winners and Team Captains: Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

– After the match, Gable and Roode celebrate the win as Roode’s music plays.

– Paul Heyman is backstage. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes Paul Heyman with WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

Heyman goes on praising Lesnar and says he’s the only one who deserves congratulations but he will give others tonight – Braun Strowman for getting himself back in the title picture and for taking so many F5s, to the SmackDown roster for avoiding the beating the WWE Champion will get at Survivor Series and to AJ Styles… fans start chanting for AJ. Heyman rants and mentions last year’s Styles vs. Lesnar match. Heyman says AJ will check into Hotel California, fly up to the penthouse marked Suplex City and take the beating of a lifetime. Heyman goes on but the music interrupts as Jinder Mahal comes out with The Singh Brothers.

Jinder takes the mic and gives Heyman some advice – do not underestimate Styles. Jinder says last year at Survivor Series he was focused on getting the match with Lesnar but AJ stole the title and the match from him. Jinder says he’s here to offer his services to help Lesnar focus on AJ. Jinder says he can show The Beast his mantra. Heyman mocks Jinder and Lesnar smiles. Jinder says he can help Brock. Lesnar tells him to come on in the ring. Lesnar laughs as Jinder hits the apron. Jinder tries to show Brock how to center his energy with breathing exercises. Lesnar plays along but he’s h ad enough. Lesnar levels Jinder with a clothesline, kicks Sunil Singh to the mat and drops Samir Singh with a F5. Lesnar delivers more F5s to The Singh Brothers. Samir gets another. Fans chant for more. Lesnar grabs Sunil again and presses him high. Lesnar launches Sunil out of the ring, on top of Jinder at ringside.

Lesnar leaves the ring and grabs Jinder, dropping him on the floor with the F5. Lesnar walks away with the title as his music hits. Lesnar looks back at Jinder and smirks before marching up the ring.

– Stephanie McMahon is backstage talking to Alexa Bliss. Also still to come, Lashley vs. Elias for the final Team RAW men’s spot. Back to commercial.

Bobby Lashley vs. Elias

Back from the break and out comes Bobby Lashley with Lio Rush. This match is for the final Team RAW men’s spot. They hit the ring and Lashley does different poses as Rush talks about how good he looks. They go on and Elias’ guitar interrupts. Elias is on the stage with a spotlight. He takes shots at Rush and Lashley. Lashley tells him to shut up, calling him a clown trying to be a funny. Lashley tells Elias to come say it in his face. Elias has something to tell the whole world – Lashley sucks. Elias walks to the ring and says he’s also going to shut Rush up. Elias stops at ringside and plays a tune, asking who wants to walk with Elias. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Lashley has Elias grounded on the mat. Lashley keeps control and stomps on Elias. Elias looks for some momentum but Lashley rocks him into the corner. Lashley comes back with a big clothesline. Elias unloads in the corner as the referee backs him off. rush gets on the apron but Elias knocks him off. Lashley takes advantage and rolls Elias up for a 2 count.

Lashley charges but Elias backdrops him over the top rope to the floor. Elias runs off the apron and nails a knee, taking Lashley back down on the floor. Elias whips Lashley shoulder-first into the steel post as the referee counts. Lashley sends Elias into the steel steps. Lashley returns to the ring and Elias follows but Rush comes from under the ring and holds Elias’ leg. Lashley wins by count out and gets the final spot on Team RAW.

Winner by Count Out: Bobby Lashley

– After the match, Lashley celebrates the win as he stands tall. Rush is still under the ring with half of his body out when Elias sees him. Elias attacks and drops Lashley at ringside as he tries to make the save. Elias brings Rush into the ring and sends him really flying through the air, back out of the ring into Lashley’s arms.

– Still to come, Alexa Bliss announces her picks for the women’s Team RAW. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes Team Captain Alexa Bliss with Mickie James, Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax.

Bliss says Sunday it’s personal, Survivor Series is personal. She goes on and says she’s put together the most dominant Survivor Series team. She says she sent Natalya home because she had an emotional night and told her to channel that energy towards SmackDown on Sunday. She introduces Mickie next, then Jax and Snuka. Bliss mentioned she wants to hopefully put her differences with Jax in the past. Regarding the last member, Bliss says she thought long and hard about who will do anything to win, risk anything to win, even friendship. Bliss says Baron Corbin agrees with her and the winner of this next match will be the 5th team member. The music hits and out comes Sasha Banks first. Bayley is out next.

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

Back from the break and they go at it to start. Back and forth for several minutes. Banks ends up dropping Bayley to the floor with a knee to the face. They go back in and back out but Banks nails the double knees from the top for a close 2 count. Bliss and the others from Team RAW are watching the match from ringside.

Bayley sends Banks to the apron and knocks her off with an elbow. Bayley goes to the floor and tries to hit the dropkick through the turnbuckles but Banks counters and slams Bayley into the ring post. Banks with knees to the head on the apron now. Banks charges with knees against the post but Banks moves and her knees hit the post. Bayley rolls Banks up for a close 2 count.

Fans rally for the two now. Bayley gets up first. Bayley approaches but Banks sends her back to the apron. Bayley drops Banks over the middle rope. They trade more shots on the apron now. Banks drops Bayley with a knee on the apron. Bayley comes right back with a Bayley-to-Belly suplex on the apron. They both fall to the floor as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Banks catches Bayley in the Banks Statement. Bayley goes for the bottom rope but Tamina interferes for the no contest.

No Contest

– After the match, Banks and Bayley are triple teamed by Jax, Snuka and Mickie. Bliss takes the mic and introduces the fifth member of Team RAW – Ruby Riott. Out she comes with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan to celebrate.

– The cameras suddenly cut backstage to the locker room. We hear screaming. The camera goes into the locker room as SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has the Disarm-Her locked in on RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Becky talks trash as officials run in to break it up. They check on Rousey as she clutches her arm.

– We go back to the ring as Becky Lynch’s music hits. The Riott Squad waits in the ring with Bliss, Jax, Snuka and Mickie. They all ready for a fight.

SmackDown’s Sonya Deville, Carmella, Asuka, Naomi and Charlotte Flair suddenly hit the ring from the crowd, wearing blue t-shirts. The blue brand women’s division brawls with the red brand women’s division. Mandy Rose and The IIconics are also out to join the fight. Alicia Fox, Lana, Ember Moon and others are also out as the brawl continues. Becky is bleeding from the face. Ronda Rousey’s music hits as she rushes the ring. Becky retreats from the ring as Rousey runs in to take out SmackDown Superstars. Rousey is doing bad as she sells the arm injury. Becky comes back in with a steel chair and levels Rousey with it.

The brawl between other Superstars continues. Team SmackDown holds the ring as Becky nails Rousey with another chair shot as the crowd pops. Becky with another chair shot as fans chanted for it. Team SmackDown regroups over the barrier and looks back at the ring as Rousey recovers. She’s not happy. We see how Bliss also retreated to safety once the brawl kicked off. Team SmackDown moves up through the crowd as Rousey stares them down, looking right through Becky. Becky stands tall on the stairs in the crowd as her music starts up. We go to replays. Becky continues taunting Rousey from the crowd. We go backstage to Stephanie McMahon and Baron Corbin. Stephanie is furious about the invasion. Corbin doesn’t know where security is or how SmackDown got in the building. Stephanie yells at him and says this cannot happen come Sunday. She asks Corbin how he’s going to fix this and make sure RAW wins at all costs on Sunday. Corbin says he will find a way. We go back to the ring as they continue arguing. RAW goes off the air with Becky standing tall.

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