WWE RAW Supershow Results 11/7/11


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We are live on tape from Liverpool, United Kingdom and your announcers are Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Things start off with John Cena and the fans of the United Kingdom sound a lot like the fans of the United States, Canada, and most other countries on Earth.

John appreciated the warm welcome into the arena. He says that he knows why people are upset. There is a lot going on. Tickets went on sale for Wrestlemania and they broke a record for opening sales. The Rock . . . couldn’t make it tonight, but Rock accepted his invitation to be his tag team partner.

At Madison Square Garden, the Rock will team with John Cena at Survivor Series. The WWE Universe is now talking about next week instead of this week because the Rock will be on Raw. Cena says that it will be good to see the Rock, but we should be talking about tonight. Cena says that he thinks tonight is a pretty damn important night. It is the first time that Liverpool has hosted Monday night Raw. He wants to make magic and move mountains.

Cena mentions that Miz and R Truth are in a tag match with him and a future WWE Hall of Famer.

Cena is interrupted by the Miz and R Truth. Miz throws out a really about the ‘future Hall of Famer’. Miz throws out more ‘reallys’ and points out that Cena is not teaming with him or R Truth tonight. All week long, he has heard about how Cena embarrassed them. All last week proved was that they are upping the ante about the amount of anguish they are going to put Cena through.

Miz says that they might have lost last week but they still attacked Cena two weeks ago. Miz says that he did what so many were unable to do and that is pin John Cena to retain the title at Wrestlemania. Miz says that he has been replaying in his mind for the last week what happened. He says that he hopes that John Cena played it over and over again because it will be the last time that Cena embarrasses him and Truth. Miz says that they will leave Cena with a lasting impression that Cena will never forget.

Truth asks Cena if he knows what it is like to have the Little Jimmys laughing at him. He wants them to keep chuckling it up because won’t nobody be laughing after what happens after Survivor Series. He says that Cena won’t be laughing after what happens tonight. Whoever Cena teams with is gonna get got.

Cena goes into ‘Oh Lordy’ mode and he mimics Truth. Cena says that his partner is no ordinary WWE Superstar and his reputation is outgrowing the WWE Universe.

Miz tells Cena to shut up because it doesn’t matter who Cena is teaming with. He says that Cena’s time is up.

Miz and Truth get into the ring with Cena and they close in on the man with the hat and matching shirt.

Cena’s tag team partner’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Cena throws Miz out of the ring after a short brawl and Ryder gives Truth the Rough Ryder. Miz and Truth leave the ring.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are walking in the back as we go to commercial.


Match Number One: John Morrison versus Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero

They lock up and Morrison with a hammer lock but Ziggler with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock. Morrison with a side head lock take down and Ziggler with a head scissors. Morrison with another side head lock take down and Ziggler with another head scissors. Morrison with another side head lock take down and Ziggler with a kick and forearms.

Morrison with a flap jack for a near fall. Morrison with a side head lock and Ziggler with a jaw breaker. Ziggler works on the arm and gets a near fall. Ziggler tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Morrison lands on his feet and then he hits an enzuigiri that sends Ziggler to the floor. Ziggler with a clothesline as we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with elbows to Morrison’s head and then he applies an arm bar and then Ziggler sends Morrison to the mat and kicks him in the midsection. Ziggler with his shin to the back of the neck to force Morrison’s face into the mat. Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall.

Ziggler with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with a neck breaker and kip up. Ziggler kicks Morrison in the head and he taunts John. Ziggler with a punch but Morrison runs Ziggler into the corner and the referee pulls Morrison out of the corner. Ziggler with an uppercut to Morrison for a near fall.

Ziggler tries to lock in the Crippler Crossface but Morrison tries to fight out of it. Ziggler with elbows to the head. Morrison with a rollup for a near fall but Ziggler with a clothesline for a near fall. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock. Morrison with punches but Ziggler tries for a neck breaker. Morrison avoids it and then he catches Ziggler on a drop kick attempt and Morrison with a slingshot. Morrison with clotheslines to Ziggler.

Morrison with a tornado DDT and he gets a near fall. Morrison pulls Ziggler into the corner for the corkscrew split legged moonsault but Ziggler moves and Morrison lands on his feet. Ziggler with a sunset flip for a near fall. Morrison misses a Shining Wizard and Ziggler gets another near fall.

Ziggler sets for the Zig Zag but Morrison holds on to the ropes. Morrison hits the springboard round kick that glances off Ziggler but Vickie distracts the referee. Ziggler gets a near fall with a rollup and then Morrison with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: John Morrison

We go to commercial.

We are back and we have a ten man Survivor Series match and the captains are Randy Orton and Wade Barrett.

We have a video package for Mason ‘AlmosTista’ Ryan.

Match Number Two: Mason Ryan versus JTG

They lock up and Ryan sends JTG to the mat. They lock up again and Ryan sends JTG to the mat again. Ryan with a shoulder tackle and an Irish whip but he misses a clothesline. JTG tries for the X Factor out of the corner but Ryan pushes him off. Ryan with a back breaker on the shoulder and then he sends JTG to the mat. Ryan with shoulders in the corner and then he runs JTG into the turnbuckles. Ryan with a clothesline into the corner followed by a biel.

JTG with a kick to the knee and a punch but Ryan with a big boot to JTG. Ryan presses JTG over his head and slams him to the mat. Ryan with a full nelson followed by a full nelson slam for the three count.

Winner: Mason Ryan

It is time for a recap of the Wrestlemania media rush for the on sale on Saturday.

The Bellas talk about things in Liverpool and Zack Ryder walks by and he talks about how excited he is to be teaming with John Cena. He won’t get attacked again. The Bellas tease Ryder that someone is behind him. Ryder gets the Bellas to join him in a woo woo woo and then they leave.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole tells us that the Michael Cole Challenge will not be happening tonight. Cole says that TSA would not allow Jim Ross to travel with barbecue sauce. It will happen in Boston.

We see how CM Punk got his match against Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series even though the only way he could get the title match earlier in the show did not take place.

Match Number Three: Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Kofi Kingston

Del Rio with a kick and then he tries for the cross arm breaker but Kofi with a kick. Del Rio walks into a drop kick and Del Rio goes to the floor. Kofi misses a suicide dive and Del Rio takes advantage with a kick to the ribs. They return to the ring and Del Rio gets a near fall. Del Rio with punches to the arm as he takes Kofi to the mat.

Del Rio with an arm bar. Kofi with a punch but Del Rio with a head butt. Del Rio runs into a pendulum kick and Kofi with a cross body from the top for a near fall. Kofi with a forearm and then he tries for Trouble in Paradise but Del Rio sends Kofi shoulder first into the ring post. Del Rio with a single arm breaker and then he applies the cross arm breaker and Kofi taps.

El Ganador: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio reapplies the cross arm breaker and the referee wants him to release the hold but CM Punk’s music plays.

Alberto immediately releases the hold and he waits for Punk to come to the ring. Punk stands on the stage as we go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio asks Punk if he has the cajones to meet him face to face like a man. Del Rio says that Punk was supposed to ask him for a title shot at Survivor Series. Instead, Punk waited until Big Show knocked him out and like a coward, Punk forced him to give Punk the opportunity.

Del Rio tells Punk to look at him because the people and this country do not matter. He calls them a joke, pathetic, and ugly just like Punk. Del Rio says that nobody cares about them like nobody cares about him. Del Rio reminds Punk that he is the WWE Champion and Punk knows how dangerous he is. Del Rio tells him that he got a message from David Otunga from John Laurinaitis. Del Rio says that he can ask Punk to cancel the match. Del Rio tells Punk to cancel the match or he will force him.

Punk says that he thought that was how you do things around here. Nobody punches someone in the face when they have a problem. Punk says that he didn’t know that he had to politely get in line to ask for a match. Punk apologizes. Punk wants to remind Del Rio how he became the WWE Champion. Del Rio cashed in the Money in the Bank after Kevin Nash power bombed him. Then Del Rio beat him with a lead pipe at Hell in a Cell. Punk says that maybe he should have asked politely but to be a slimy, greasy, cheap shot artist, it works so that is why he did it.

Del Rio reminds Punk that he is the WWE Champion and he will receive the respect that he deserves.

Punk says that Del Rio is a hell of a competitor but Del Rio is one dimensional on the mic. Punk talks about all of Del Rio’s Destinies. What does Del Rio have to say that is interesting. Punk says that people fast forward through what he says and they don’t miss a damn thing.

Del Rio starts to talk but Punk cuts him off and he tells Del Rio to listen to him. He says that he has heard about Del Rio’s destiny. At Survivor Series, he will not only win the WWE Title, he is going to make the WWE Championship interesting again.

Del Rio says that he doesn’t care what Punk or the people think, but being the WWE Champion, he is the best in the world. He asks Punk if he is going to cancel the match at Survivor Series.

Punk thinks about it for a moment and he shoots back with an emphatic no. Del Rio punches and kicks Punk. Del Rio tries for the cross arm breaker but Punk gets Del Rio into the Anaconda Vise. Rodriguez saves Del Rio and Punk gives Ricardo a Go To Sleep for his troubles.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to relive last week’s Raw.

We go to comments from Jack Swagger from earlier today where he talks about how he lost last week to a Muppet.

Match Number Four: Jack Swagger with Vickie Guerrero versus Santino Marella

Swagger goes for the leg but Santino gets to the ropes. Swagger with a waist lock take down and then he Gator rolls Santino to the ropes. Swagger with a punch and then he kicks Santino. Swagger with a knee in the corner but he misses a clothesline. Santino with punches but Swagger catches Santino on a float over and hits a power slam for a near fall.

Swagger with a Blue Thunder Bomb and then he chokes Santino using the ropes. Swagger traps the arms and then he connects with forearms to the back. Swagger misses a leg drop. Santino with jabs and forearms and he does the split but Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex and then Swagger sends Santino shoulder first into the ring post. Swagger with the ankle lock and Santino taps out.

Winner: Jack Swagger

After the match, Swagger does a lap around the ring.

Kelly Kelly walks through the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Jerry Lawler is in the ring and he introduces the cover girl for the new issue of Maxim, Kelly Kelly.

Kelly says that this is so crazy. When she started here five years ago, she was a kid. She says that she has grown up so much in front of the WWE Universe. She says that she has had her ups and down. She has never given up and she has strived to be better.

Beth and Natalya interrupt and mock Kelly and talk about all of the girls who want to be Barbie dolls. Beth and Natalya talk about how much they love Skipper so much.

Kelly says that she wouldn’t interrupt Beth and Natalya if she was on the cover of National Geographic.

Beth says that she is here to set an example for the girls watching that she is a false impression of what a WWE Diva is. It is more than a pretty face and a bucket full of perkiness. Beth says that she is going to show Kelly what it means to be in the ring with them. They tell Kelly that it is Cry Time.

Eve Torres and Alicia Fox make their way to the ring and Beth and Natalya leave.

Alicia asks them why they are leaving because they are going to miss the unveiling.

We see the cover and then we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to hear from the man who makes time stand still, John Laurinaitis. He tells us his titles and he introduces his newest signee. He brings out Kevin Nash. As Nash makes his way to the ring, we see a video package of why Triple H has been off television for the last few weeks.

Nash has made it to the ring and he thanks John for bringing him back. For the last two weeks, people have been asking him why. Kevin says that he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. The only person he owes an explanation to is at home in Connecticut with a headache.

It was 1995 and he saw him walk into the building with Killer Kowalski and he says that he should have buried him them. Shawn Michaels told Nash that Hunter was funny and he was good in the ring so he should give him a chance. That is how he got into the Kliq.

They became friends. He was honored to be at Hunter’s wedding. Nash says that he got the biggest pop of the night at the Royal Rumble and he asked Hunter to put the band back together again. He didn’t get a response. Nash says that Hunter betrayed him and without Nash, Hunter would be nothing.

Nash says that in his eyes, Triple H is still the measuring stick around here. Nash talks about his Legends contract but he is the best there is. On any given night he can be a World Champion. Nash says that he took Hunter’s sledgehammer and used it against him. He sat there for six hours contemplating what he did and it felt good. Nash says that when he saw Hunter being taken through the back on the board and he figured that he could do it again. Nash says that he took him out. Kevin Nash just showed that is how you play the game.

It is time for a Brodus Clay video package since he will be making his Raw return tonight.

David Otunga is walking in the back with John Laurinaitis. David asks John about Brodus Clay’s debut and John says that Brodus is special and he is not going to waste him in Liverpool.

Punk says that John doesn’t know anything about this audience. Punk says that he likes John’s tie and his plan with Alberto to try to stop the match. Punk asks Mr. Coffee if he has anything to say. David says that the WWE Champion shouldn’t look like someone who works at a gas station.

Punk gives Otunga a gallon of unleaded before Del Rio comes from out of nowhere to send Punk through a table.

Officials come to break things up and in the end, popcorn has been spilled.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Alberto Del Rio’s attack on CM Punk.

Match Number Five: Miz and R Truth versus John Cena and Zack Ryder

Truth and Cena start things off and they lock up. Truth with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Miz tags in and Cena with a single leg take down. Cena with punches in the corner followed by an Irish whip and splash into the corner followed by a clothesline to Miz for a near fall. The fans want Ryder and Cena’s ear perk up.

Truth tags in and then he slaps Truth. Truth says that he wants Ryder to tag in and Miz and Truth discuss strategy on the floor.

Ryder tags in and the crowd goes wild. Truth with a kick and side head lock. Truth with a shoulder tackle and both men go down. Ryder with a flap jack and then he sends Truth over the top rope to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and Ryder with an arm drag and hip toss to Miz and then Ryder with a drop kick from the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Cena tags in and they hit a double elbow drop and Cena gets a near fall. Miz with a kick and Cena falls into the Conspiracy Corner.

Truth tags in and they hit a double shoulder tackle and Truth gets a near fall. Truth with a rear chin lock. Truth backs Cena into his corner and he punches and kicks Cena until the referee pulls Truth off Cena. Truth gets a near fall. Truth returns to the rear chin lock.

Truth with a kick and a sit out gourdbuster for a near fall. Miz tags back in and he kicks Cena in the chest and then he punches Cena. Miz with a running knee lift and then he tags Truth back in. Truth with a surfboard and then he kicks Cena before tagging in Miz. Miz tries to send Truth into Cena but Cena moves and Truth goes into the post.

Ryder tags in and he connects with clotheslines and then he kicks Miz. Cena puts on the sunglasses and then they hit stereo running boots into the corner. Miz avoids the Rough Ryder and Truth takes care of Ryder. Miz with punches. Truth tags in and they hit a double gutbuster for a near fall.

Truth with a rear chin lock. Ryder with elbows but he misses a drop kick and Truth gets a near fall. Miz tags in and they hit a double hot shot on Ryder. Miz with a punch to Ryder and then he kicks Ryder. Miz with a front face lock and forearms to the back. Ryder tries to make the tag but Miz pulls Ryder closer to his corner. Ryder with an inside cradle for a near fall and Miz with a clothesline.

Miz sets for the Awesome Clothesline and he hits it. Miz mocks Cena before returning his attention to Ryder. Truth tags in and Truth hits a clothesline followed by Miz with a running boot and Truth gets a near fall. Truth with a reverse chin lock on Ryder. Truth punches Ryder as he keeps him in the reverse chin lock.

Truth and Ryder each with clotheslines and both men are down. Ryder rolls towards his corner and he makes the tag as well as Miz. Cena with the two flying shoulder tackles followed by the Blue Thunder Bomb to Miz and then one to Truth. Cena tells Ryder to come in for the double five knuckle shuffle and they connect. Ryder sends Truth to the floor and Cena gets Miz up for the Attitude Adjustment. Miz with a kick to Cena and Truth holds Cena’s leg so he cannot kick out and Miz gets the three count.

Winners: Miz and R Truth

We go to credits

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