WWE Reportedly Told Drew McIntyre To ‘Reinvent Himself’ in 2014

Royal Rumble 2020 Winner Drew McIntyre

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre will be heading to the WrestleMania main event after winning this past Sunday’s Men’s Royal Rumble match. The Scottish born Superstar outlasted 29 other men (including WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, whom he eliminated) to guarantee his spot at the ‘show of shows.’

McIntyre’s history with the company has been well documented, including his release back in 2014, when it seemed as though McIntyre would be relegated to a lower card slot for the company, if he were to stay, for the rest of his career. McIntyre was part of the successful comedy trio 3MB, alongside Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal.

“I knew Drew McIntyre when he first came up in WWE”

Co-host of Busted Open Radio Tommy Dreamer recently revealed that WWE wanted Drew to go away and ‘re-invent’ himself when he was fired back in 2014. “I knew Drew when he first came up in WWE, I had wrestled Drew,” Dreamer began. “They [WWE] had big plans for him. A long time ago if [you] remember he was kind of like the hand picked ‘chosen’ person. And then that fell by the wayside, to the point where he was actually let go by WWE.”

“Find yourself”

Dreamer elaborated further, saying “you you look at someone who looks the way he looks, but it was like, go out there. Find yourself. I was the one who got him hired in IMPACT Wrestling. He had a nice little run for himself. But what he did was he went out there and he worked everywhere. He worked everywhere in the UK, he continued on this path to better himself.”

“they [WWE] were straight up with Drew McIntyre”

Dreamer re-iterated the point later in the broadcast, saying “they [WWE] were straight up with him; ‘Go and re-invent yourself.’ He did that, he came back and he was rewarded.”

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