WWE Smackdown 12/30/11 Results

The opening angle saw Cody Rhodes talk down to Booker T. There were Indianapolis Colts in the front row. Dustin Rhodes came out and told his little brother he was being a punk to Booker. Booker offered Cody another match and he said he would do it next week. Booker left and Cody attacked his brother. Booker made the save.

Jinder Mahal beat Ted DiBiase. A bunch of people in my section didn’t know who either guy was. They didn’t know most of the earlier guys but since this was Smackdown, they figured they would know the wrestlers.

Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn beat Tamina and Natalya in a fast match. Tamina laid out Natalya afterwards. Man, she sure has fallen.

Daniel Bryan was with AJ when Big Show came and said he didn’t need help at Raw, even though he did. Teddy Long makes a rematch for Show with Otunga and Mark Henry is in Otunga’s corner.

Hunico beat Justin Gabriel.


Big Show beat David Otunga. Bryan came down to ward off Henry during the match.

Big Zeke beat Drew McIntyre. Earlier, Teddy Long said that McIntyre needed to win and after the match he whined to Teddy. Teddy didn’t want to hear it.

They did a long promo with Sheamus and Hornswoggle about The Royal Rumble. It was as bad as what they did with the Santino commecial. Slater came out and Sheamus threw him out of the ring. This led to a match, which Sheamus won.

Bryan and Show were with Teddy. Bryan said he is Show’s good luck charm. Show didn’t like that. They have a match next week.

Randy Orton and Wade Barrett went to a no-contest in a Falls Count anywhere match.

Dark Match:

Daniel Bryan beat. Wade Barrett and Big Show to retain the World Title. Booker was the ref. Show served Barrett up for Bryan.

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