WWE Smackdown Results 8/17/12

WWE SmackDown Results

Match Number One: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara versus Miz and Cody Rhodes
Winners: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Match Number Two: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks versus Two Local Talents
Winners: Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

Match Number Three: Eve Torres versus Kaitlyn in a Booker’s Assistant Match
Winner: Eve Torres

Match Number Four: Daniel Bryan versus Randy Orton
Winner: Randy Orton

Match Number Five: Antonio Cesaro (with Aksana) versus Zack Ryder
Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Match Number Six: Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) versus Chris Jericho
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Alberto applies the cross arm breaker on Jericho and Chris taps out while Ziggler tells Jericho he can’t beat him or win the big one.

Sheamus’ music plays and he comes to the ring and he takes Del Rio to the mat and he punches Del Rio. Sheamus with more punches. Del Rio rakes the eyes but Sheamus with more punches. Del Rio with a kick to the injured arm. Del Rio sets for the cross arm breaker but they go to the floor. Sheamus chases after Del Rio and Alberto goes into the crowd with Ricardo.

Sheamus thinks about going after Alberto but Sheamus checks on Jericho instead.

Booker T comes out and he wants to know what Sheamus is doing here.

Sheamus tells Booker that he wants him to reinstate his match with Del Rio for SummerSlam.

Booker tells Sheamus that he is talking with his heart. He reminds Sheamus that he is injured.

Sheamus says that they will have to rip his arm off his body and that won’t even stop him from competing in the match. He asks Booker to reinstate the match.

Booker says that if he does that it will be for the World Championship.

Sheamus says that the only person who wants this match more than Del Rio is him. He asks Booker one more time to please reinstate the match.

Booker agrees to do it because that is what Sheamus wants. The match is back on for SummerSlam and it will be for the World Title.

We go to credits.

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