WWE SmackDown Results – December 12, 2014

WWE Smackdown Results

This week’s show starts off with a video package showing us what happened at the end of Raw when John Cena faced Big Show in Cena’s opportunity to get revenge on the man who turned his back on Team Cena at the Survivor Series. Then we see what happened after the match. What will happen on the final show before TLC on Sunday?

We are in Columbus, Georgia and your announcers are Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, and John Layfield.

WWE SmackDown Results – December 12, 2014

John Cena makes his way to the ring and he has something to say.

John says in two days we have the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay per view. That means that in two days . . .

Seth Rollins’ music interrupts Cena.

Seth is joined by Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Seth asks John to do us a favor and shut up. He wants to know how many times in the last ten years has John come out before a huge match and tell us what he is going to do? Seth says that he will give credit where it is due. John is in this spot because he has stepped up. Ninety-nine times out of One Hundred, John has done what he said he would do.

After this Sunday, when he beats John at TLC, there will be a new standard set for the things that Seth says that he is going to do ninety-nine times out of one hundred. John talks about how the future has to go through you. Seth says that the future doesn’t exist without Seth Rollins. All you do is seem to want to talk.

He tells John to spare him. He will spell it out in a way that John can understand. John said it was about stepping up or stepping aside. Your time is up and Seth says that his time is now. At TLC, he doesn’t even have to pin John Cena or make him submit. All he has to do is do what he did the last two weeks and that is put John through a table.

John says to mark this date on your calendar. This is the date that Seth Rollins became a man. He doesn’t see the Shield or Authority around him. He sees a proud, confident Seth Rollins standing on his own two feet, believing he has a chance in this fight. After he beats Seth on Sunday, he will have to wake up and look in the mirror and say that he is not ready.

Don’t get me wrong, you are good, but you will find that you are not ready to stand in the ring on a Sunday night and stand face to face with the guy who runs this place. You have a Tables Match with John Cena and you are going to find out why for more than a decade there hasn’t been a safer bet than John Cena. He will have a purpose and that is to prove that the future is not now, it is not Sunday, and it is not next year. It is because John Cena is here.

Seth says that John just doesn’t get it. You keep talking about the future like it is some distant, far off place. Seth says that he is the embodiment of the future. It is right in front of you. You have been living in it for the two years that he has been in the WWE and blown the doors off this place. It builds to their Tables Match on Sunday.

Seth says that when he puts John through that table on Sunday, he won’t just be beating John. He won’t just be taking away John’s opportunity at another shot at the WWE Championship. This Sunday will mark the beginning of the end for John Cena. This is a paradigm shift. Seth tells John that he will explain what he means.

He tells everyone to stop with the Cena chants. When he beats John on Sunday, everything you worked for goes up in smoke. You start to fade into the background and you become a whisper, a ghost, and a memory. It will be the rise of a new standard bearer in the WWE, Seth Rollins.

John tells Seth that his confidence makes you a fool. He tells Seth that he is good, gifted, and have a bright future in the WWE. If you want to talk like a man, you better act like one. John says that this is his life and if you think for one second that on Sunday you are going to shove him out that door, you can get in line with the ten thousand other people who have said that and ended up eating those words.

From Renee Dupree to Triple H. From Orlando Jordan to the Rock, John has survived because of passion, heart, and the guts to never give up.

John tells Seth to show up on Sunday thinking that John has lost that step. John will take that foot that Seth thought John has lost and he will shove it up Seth’s ass.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Viktor says that they dine on destruction and feast upon fear. Brutality is their business. Konnor says that they are open all night long. Viktor says to set them up and Konnor says that they will knock them all down. Viktor says that they are the Ascension and Konnor says that they will knock them all down.

We are back and Miz and Damien Sandow are at the announce table to join the announcers for the next match.

We see footage of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro from earlier today. Cesaro mentions that Vince McMahon was on Steve Austin’s podcast and he talked about how people need to grab that brass ring. Tyson says that is a fact and that they are two of the most talented yet under appreciated talents in WWE history. He says that they are just the guys to grab that ring.

Match Number One: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (with Natalya) versus Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

Jimmy and Kidd start things off and Kidd with a side head lock but Jimmy with a shoulder tackle. Kidd tries for a hip toss but Jimmy blocks it. Jimmy with a head butt and Kidd backs into the corner.

We see Naomi watching on the monitor in the back.

Tyson with an Irish whip but Jimmy slides into the corner and he connects with an uppercut. Jey tags in and he goes up top and he hits a chop to the arm. Jey continues to work on the arm but Kidd backs Jey into the corner and Cesaro tags in and he kicks Jey. The referee warns Cesaro. Cesaro with a European uppercut and chop to Jey. Jey chops back but Cesaro with a kick. Jimmy tags back in and he hits a flying forearm into the corner. Jimmy with a snap mare and he gets a near fall. Cesaro picks up Jimmy and hits a power slam and he gets a near fall. Cesaro with a reverse chin lock. Jimmy with a drop kick and Cesaro goes to the floor.

Jimmy with a plancha onto Cesaro and he rolls Cesaro back into the ring. Kidd tags in and Cesaro sends Jimmy to the floor. Kidd with a boot to Jimmy’s head.

Miz and Sandow have to go to the back to deal with some acting matters and to talk to Naomi. We go to commercial.

We are back and Jimmy with punches to Cesaro but Cesaro with a bear hug into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and he gets a near fall. Kidd tags in and he kicks Jimmy. Kidd with a reverse chin lock. Jimmy with elbows but Kidd with a back heel kick and then he misses the slingshot leg drop when Jimmy moves.

Cesaro tags in while Jimmy crawls across the ring and Ceasro with a Yakuza kick to knock Jey off the apron. Jimmy with a back body drop but Jey is still on the floor. Cesaro with a running European uppercut for a near fall. Cesaro with the Giant Swing and he tags in Kidd who hits a drop kick when Cesaro releases Jimmy. Jey is sent to the floor by Kidd and he hits the slingshot leg drop.

Cesaro tags in and he hits a double stomp and gets a near fall. Cesaro sets for a shoulder into the corner but Jimmy moves and Cesaro hits the ring post with his shoulder. Cesaro keeps Jimmy from getting to his corner but Jimmy with an enzuigiri and he is able to tag in Jey. Jey with a cross body and then he hits clotheslines followed by a thrust kick and uppercut. Jey with a Samoan drop and he gets a near fall.

Jey with punches in the corner and Cesaro goes down. Jey with the running butt splash into the corner and then he gets a near fall but Kidd with a drop kick to break up the cover. Kidd sends Jimmy to the floor and he misses a baseball slide. Jimmy with a super kick to Kidd. Cesaro with a rollup and he tries to use the ropes but Jimmy pushes Cesaro’s feet off the ropes.

Cesaro turns around into a super kick from Jey and Jimmy tags in for a superfly splash and he gets the three count.

Winners: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

After the match, we see Naomi excited in the back and she turns around to see Miz and Sandow. Miz says that things aren’t going well for Naomi in the WWE so why not try out Hollywood.

Naomi says that she knows that Miz is doing this to get inside her husband’s head before their match at TLC.

Miz says that this is Naomi’s problem. He says that his agent is serious about taking her offer off the table. They are drama-prone. Miz says that he got them off the ledge for now. He asks Naomi if she knows how cutthroat the music industry is, especially dealing with a jealous husband.

Naomi says that Jimmy is not jealous.

Miz says that being associated with Naomi’s damaged reputation could hurt his career. He tells Naomi to sort this out and sort it out quickly. Miz says that he thinks Naomi is really talented, it is not about her husband.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see Jimmy and Jey in the back as Naomi walks by. Jimmy says that he is happy for what Naomi did with Miz.

Naomi says that Jimmy has her doubting herself and making Naomi look incapable of making her own decisions. She says she is a strong woman and she walks away.

Jey tells Jimmy to let Naomi cool off.

Jimmy says he knew that Miz would get inside her head.

Jey says maybe she has a legitimate concern. He tells Jimmy to focus because Miz has him in the palm of his hands. They have two days for Jimmy to get his head right. Miz just played them all.

It is time to take a look at the Tables Match with a video package.

Bray Wyatt interrupts Tom’s discussion about the Tables Match stipulation.

Bray says that he offered Dean Ambrose salvation but he chose the road to damnation. Dean Ambrose is just like you and you, just like him are going to get everything you deserve. It is no longer what could have been, there is only what must be. Two thousand years from now, will still talk about the great things that Bray Wyatt did. Your children will be learning about him in school.

Dean Ambrose’s demise on Sunday will be his salvation.

We go to commercial.

We are back and AJ Lee is at the announce table for the next match.

Match Number Two: Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella) versus Alicia Fox in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Nikki with a side head lock but Alicia with an elbow and drop kick. Alicia with a leap frog and arm drag into an arm bar. Nikki with a knee and monkey flip but Alicia lands on her feet. Nikki charges into the corner but Alicia tries to float over for a sunset flip but Nikki slaps Alicia and knocks her off the turnbuckles and to the floor.

Nikki with a suplex and she gets a near fall. Nikki stretches Alicia and has her knee in Alicia’s back. Nikki sends Alicia to the mat and picks up Alicia with a hammer lock and slams her to the mat and gets a Jericho cover for a near fall. Nikki stretches Alicia again but Alicia powers out of the hold using her injured arm. Alicia with an arm drag and clotheslines. Alicia with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Alicia with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.

Nikki with a facebuster but she misses a charge into the corner. Alicia misses a boot in the corner and Nikki with a forearm and then she hits Shock Treatment for the three count.

Winner: Nikki Bella

After the match, Nikki picks up Alicai again and she looks at AJ while hitting another Shock Treatment on Alicia.

We take a look back at Monday night’s Slammy Awards.

The New Day are in the back and they walk us into commercial.

We are back and we go to the Goldman Box for comments from Goldust and Stardust. Goldust says that you are foolish to radiate such positivity when you have already lost. Stardust says that it is better to accept the world as it is than to reshape it. Stardust says that he has seen the future. It is written in the stars tonight and at TLC. Goldust says that they will block out the sun on Sunday and darkness will fall on the New Day.

Match Number Three: Big E (with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) versus Goldust (with Stardust)

Goldust with a kick and punches to Big E and the referee pulls him out of the corner. Big E with an elbow but Goldust with a power slam for a near fall. Goldust with a punch and kick followed by a DDT for a near fall. Goldust with a front face lock but Big E picks up Goldust and hits a shoulder tackle and clothesline. Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex and then he sets for the Warrior Splash but Goldust with a spinebuster for a near fall. Big E gets Goldust on his shoulders for the Big Ending but Goldust gets to the apron.

Big E with a punch and then he runs into a knee from Goldust. Goldust runs into a body block from Big E and Big E picks up Goldust for the Big Ending and he hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Big E

We are back and we take a look back at the announcement of the Superstar of the Year.

Match Number Four: Titus O’Neil versus Jack Swagger

They lock up and Titus pushes Swagger a few times and Swagger with a double leg take down and he punches Titus. Swagger with a clothesline in the corner but Titus with an Irish whip. Titus charges into the corner and he is met with a boot from Swagger. Titus goes to the floor and Swagger kicks Titus from the apron. Titus pulls Swagger shoulder first into the ring post and then Titus gets a near fall.

Titus punches Swagger and then he sends Swagger back to the mat. Titus with a Fallaway Slam and Swagger rolls to the apron. Swagger drops Titus on the top rope and then he runs into a boot from Titus. Titus chokes Swagger in the ropes and then he tries to toss Swagger aside but Swagger holds on and applies the ankle lock. Titus has to tap out.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Jack’s We The People is interrupted by Rusev’s music and the Russian flag drops over the ring.

Rusev comes out to the stage with Lana.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dean Ambrose has something to say from the bowels of the arena.

He says that when Bray Wyatt talks it sounds like they are a couple of Viking Gods battling in the clouds while the world burns. He is not some mythical warrior. He is a gutter rat . . . a chimpanzee . . . an animal. He is a dog that likes to fight. It is a fight. A vicious, ugly, take no prisoners fight.

Dean says that him and Bray were not meant to rule together. They were meant to tear each other apart and that is what will happen on Sunday. Dean says that he will not be stopped. When the dust settles, the Eater of Worlds will be swallowed by the Lunatic Fringe. When he has Bray’s whole world in his hands, he will crush it.

We see John Cena talking with Erick Rowan, Ryback, and Dolph Ziggler as we go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, and Erick Rowan versus Big Show, Kane, and Luke Harper

Kane and Ziggler start things off and Kane with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Kane with a side head lock but Ziggler with a drop kick and cross body followed by punches. Rowan tags in and he kicks Kane and connects with a forearm. Rowan slams Kane and we go to commercial.

We are back and Rowan punches Big Show and he has Show down to a knee. Show goes to the floor and Rowan follows him to the floor. Rowan with punches and he charges at Show but Show moves and he sends Rowan into the ring post. Show sends Rowan back into the ring and he chops Rowan. Show gets back into the ring and he stands on Rowan’s back.

Kane tags back in and he punches Rowan. Kane with a splash into the corner and Rowan goes down to the mat. Harper tags in and he connects with an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Harper with a reverse chin lock. Harper with a back elbow and he tags in Kane. Kane kicks Rowan in the head and both men connect with clotheslines and they both go down.

Ziggler tags in and he hits a splash followed by a neck breaker and leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler goes for the hesitation DDT but Kane catches him. Ziggler counters into an X Factor for a near fall. Harper distracts Ziggler and Ziggler turns around into a boot from Kane and Kane gets a near fall. Show tags in and we go to commercial.

We are back and Harper with a reverse chin lock on Ziggler and Ziggler with punches but Harper blocks a drop kick attempt and Harper slingshots Ziggler’s throat into the bottom rope and Harper gets a near fall. Kane tags in and he punches Ziggler. Kane tries for a suplex but Ziggler lands on his feet and then he drop kicks Kane in the knees as Kane charges into the corner and Kane hits the turnbuckles.

Show tags in and he hits an elbow drop to the back to stop Ziggler’s attempt to make the tag. Show pulls Ziggler towards his corner and then he Irish whips Ziggler and hits a running butt splash into the corner but Ziggler with a drop kick to the knee as Show goes for the spear. Show stops Ziggler from making the tag and Show grabs Ziggler by the throat but Ziggler counters with a sleeper.

Show with a snap mare to escape and then he choke slams Ziggler but Ziggler kicks out. The strap comes down and Show sets for the knockout punch. Ziggler avoids the punch and he hits the Zig Zag and both men are down.

Harper and Ryback tag in and Ryback with a clothesline. He knocks Kane off the apron and then he hits a Thesz Press on Harper followed by a Stupid Splash. Harper with a knee but Ryback with a spinebuster for a near fall. Kane breaks up the cover and Rowan with a boot to Kane. Kane pulls Rowan to the floor and Rowan sends Kane into the ringside barrier. Show with a shoulder tackle to Rowan on the floor.

Harper sets for a power bomb but Ryback with a back body drop. Ryback with a clothesline and he gets Harper up for the muscle buster and he hits it for the three count.

Winners: Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, and Erick Rowan

After the match, Kane hits Ryback with a chair. Rowan sends Big Show into the ring steps. Ziggler with a super kick to Kane and Kane is down. Rowan grabs a ladder while Ryback hits Kane with a chair. The ladder is brought into the ring and they pick it up and they hit Kane with it while Ryback hits Harper with the chair.

They set up the ladder in the ring and Ziggler climbs it. Dolph with a splash onto Show, Harper, and Ryback.

We go to credits.

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