WWE Survivor Series 2019 — Brock Lesnar Retains WWE Title Over Rey Mysterio

Brock Lesnar Rey Mysterio and Dominic WWE Survivor Series 2019

Brock Lesnar will remain the WWE Champion as he successfully retained the belt in his latest title defense.

He did so when he beat future WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio in a championship match at the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view event.

WWE Survivor Series Results & Live Coverage

This feud kicked off when Lesnar was involved in a program with former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez where Mysterio served as his manager.

After Lesnar had retained the WWE Title over Velasquez at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view event on Halloween in Saudi Arabia, Mysterio hit Lesnar several times with a chair. Throughout this rivalry, Lesnar attacked Mysterio’s son, Dominic.

Moving along to the November 4th episode of RAW, Lesnar hunted down Mysterio for the first hour of the show where he attacked backstage workers.

Lesnar hit an F-5 to Dio Maddin through the announce table after Maddin confronted Lesnar. This is when Mysterio ran out and hit Lesnar several times with a pipe and eventually connected with a shot with the WWE Championship belt to Lesnar that left him laying.

Mysterio cut a promo about how he wants Lesnar and to take what’s most important to Lesnar, the WWE Title. This is when he challenged Lesnar for the title at the show.

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