WWE Teasing Dream Matches For Smackdown 1000

Smackdown 1000 Samoa Joe vs Batista

WWE is teasing several “dream matches” for the upcoming Smackdown 1000 special. The milestone episode of SmackDown Live takes place on Tuesday, October 16th from Washington D.C. The event is scheduled in the middle of a busy period for WWE. The promotion will be 10 days removed from Super Show-Down and 12 days ahead of the all-women’s Evolution PPV.

In an effort to drum up interest for the show, WWE ran an interesting post on Facebook. The company asked, “With the 1000th episode of WWE SmackDown Live on the horizon, can we have these matches, please?” They included match graphics for the following matches:

  • Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle
  • Samoa Joe vs Batista
  • Rey Mysterio vs AJ Styles
  • Charlotte Flair vs Michelle McCool
  • The APA vs. The Bar

Batista On Smackdown’s 1000th Episode?

An appearance by Hollywood megastar Dave Batista at SmackDown 1,000 would be a huge deal. The former World Champion vented on Twitter last week that he has not received an invite for the show, despite it taking place from his home town.

Batista has stated in multiple interviews that he would like to return to WWE for another run. He even turned down a WWE Hall of Fame induction because he does not consider himself retired from the ring. During a recent appearance Good Morning Britain, the man formerly known as The Animal commented on his desire to perform in front of the WWE Universe again.

“It’s always an ongoing conversation with myself and WWE,” he said. “I never burnt that bridge, intentionally because I never had any reason to. I left for certain reasons. But I love professional wrestling and I love that company.”

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